Style, Tone, and Mood
Style, Tone, and Mood
Remember that style has to do with how an
author uses words, tone reflects his or her
feeling about the subject matter, and mood
has to do with our own feeling as we
respond to what we are reading.
Style, Tone, and Mood
What stands out about the
style of the sentence below?
Delilah stopped, stared,
and sucked in her breath.
The author uses a series of strong verbs to show
the character’s actions. The author also uses
alliteration in the repetition of the “s” sound.
Style, Tone, and Mood
How would you describe the
tone of the sentence below?
Ms. Haggerty bumped open the door and
lurched towards her desk, clutching a jagged
stack of books that brushed against her nose.
humorous, over the top
Style, Tone, and Mood
How would you describe the
mood of the following sentences?
I peered uneasily up the stairs. At the top,
grayish light sat on the landing like a mist.
gloomy, scary
Style, Tone, and Mood
How would you describe the author’s
style and tone in the sentences below?
What mood does the author create?
Paul stared at the gray, twisted waves that rose
and pounded the shore. Above, seagulls shrieked
and circled against the stony sky. “Where are
they?” he said softly.
The style is descriptive in sight and sound.
The tone is watchful. The mood is tense.
Style, Tone, and Mood
Try building on the style, tone, and mood of each
of the sentences that follow by adding an
additional sentence.
Juan pumped the peddles of his bike until
his leg muscles felt ready to burst.
Possible answer: His heart pounded
and the cold air burned his lungs.
Style, Tone, and Mood
Brianna squealed, closed her eyes, and
shook herself when she heard the news.
Possible answer: She tore through her
backpack and then gasped gratefully when
she found her phone.
Style, Tone, and Mood
Kyle sucked in his breath and rested his
trembling fingers on the exam booklet.
Possible answer: He scratched the cover
until it caught in his thumb nail.
Style, Tone, and Mood
Marta clutched Spot and headed for the
tub her mother had filled, trying not to cry
from the burning smell of skunk.
Possible answer: She steadied her arms and then
plunged her spaniel into the sudsy depths below.
Style, Tone, and Mood
Neal watched the plates of food descend
to his grandmother’s dining room table,
steaming and pungent
with flavor.
Possible answer: His eyes and mouth watered as
his grandfather began to carve the turkey.
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