How to create a mind map
of the Japanese tsunami
What you have to research ……
1. Where is Japan? – a map might be useful.
2. What is Japan like? – look its wealth and facilities (maybe
hospitals/health, transport, education, types of industry etc.). Is it
3. What caused the earthquake and how did the earthquake cause
the Tsunami?– you need to talk about the plate tectonics
4. What effects have the earthquake and Tsunami had? – split this
into economic/social and environmental to make this research
5. How well prepared was Japan for the earthquake and how well
prepared was it for the Tsunami? Why did more people die from
the tsunami and so few from such a large earthquake?
6. How have governments and charities in Japan and abroad
responded to the disaster? –Why is it difficult to respond
successfully to this disaster?
7. Why did this earthquake cause so much more destruction and
loss of life than the recent one in Christchurch New Zealand?
Starting a mind map
A named example
A named example
Brief explanation
Brief explanation
A key reason
A key reason
Key question
A key reason
Brief explanation
A named example
A key reason
Brief explanation
A named example
You could also link
the different
explanations with
arrows to show
how some reasons
are related and
linked together
“But there are 7 key questions Sir
and only one piece of paper.”
• Not all will need a mind map – eg
questions 1 and 2
• Could you combine some questions?
(Maybe “5 and 6” or “6 and 7 or even “5
and 6 and 7”)
• Set your piece of A3 up with more than
one question starter
A more detailed concept map
An example of a place
Brief explanation
A key reason
effects did
the tsunami
What caused the
There is a plate margin close to Japan.
The 2 plates are moving towards each
other. The Earthquake under the sea
caused displaced the water so a wave
was caused
Pacific Plate and Eurasian Plate