My Rows and Piles of
Mrs. Stortzum’s 3rd Grade
At the end of the story,
what do you think Saruni
will save his money to buy?
• cart
The story is set in _____.
• Africa
Saruni and Murete were
both ______.
• nice
• unwrapped
Position things in a certain
• arranged
Who was the main
character in the story?
• Saruni
Firmly fixed or still.
• steady
Rocked unsteadily from
side to side.
• wobbled
The man laughed at Saruni,
because he did not have
enough ________.
• money
Saruni did not know the
_____ of a bike.
• cost
The author’s purpose was to
____ a story about a good
• tell
Eagerly with strong,
lively feelings.
• excitedly
What did Saruni want to
buy with his money?
• bicycle
Saruni lives on a ____.
• farm
Murete found out about
Saruni’s money box from
Saruni’s ______.
• mother
How did Saruni earn money?
• chores
Short trips that you take to
do something.
• errands
What was the father’s
• Murete
Why did the skinny man
think Saruni was foolish?
• Saruni did not know how much a
bicycle costs.
Not safely.
• dangerously
Is this story realism or
• realism
At the beginning of the story,
how can you tell that Saruni
works for his parents?
In your own words.
______fiction is a story
that could really happen.
• realistic
How does Saruni count his
• He puts them in piles and rows.
What was the mother’s
• Yeyo
How can you tell that the
story takes place in a foreign
In your own words.
Things tied or wrapped
• bundled
Why does Saruni think it is
important to help his
• His father is getting old.
Who tells this story?
(point of view)
• Saruni is the narrator
How would you describe
• Helpful, hard-working
How can you tell at the
beginning of the story that
Saruni does chores?
• He has money in his money box and he told
what chores he did for money.
Whose bicycle does Saruni
use to practice?
• Murete
What is another good name
for this story?
In your own words.
How do you know that this
story could have really
In your own words.
How can you tell that this
story is realistic fiction?
• There were real people, real places, and
events that could happen in the story.
The name is this story are
very different, so you can
tell the story takes place
in a ______ ______.
• Foreign country
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