Importance of Media
Relationship between
Audience and Media Product
• A media audience is the group of people
who purchase a media product.
• It is the group that the producers are
aiming their magazine or TV show at.
• They are important because without an
audience a media product would not sell
and so would not make money
• New Zealand has a population of 4 million;
• The New Zealand media industry has a
population made up of over 6,000 magazine
titles – 650 locally published
• Approximately 300 cinema screens, 200
radio stations, 45 television channels, over
100 metropolitan and community newspapers,
• An advertising expenditure of approximately
NZ$1.5 billion annually.
• For magazines the readership is important
because this determines how much they
can charge advertisers …….the greater the
readership the more they can charge per
• Magazines make money from the
advertising NOT the price you pay for
• Advertisers are also interested in the
TYPE of audience that the magazine
attracts. This information is called
the DEMOGRAPHICS of an audience.
• In groups brainstorm all the different
ways you could divide up the New
Zealand population eg gender (Male/
to know details about the people
who read magazines?
• they will know which are the best
magazines to advertise in to attract
buyers of their product.
• Magazine producers gather lots of
information on their audiences so they
can try and convince the advertisers
to place ads in their magazine.
• What sort of information do you think
advertisers and magazine producers
would like to know about their
audiences? Write a list in your book.
Share with neighbour and add to your
• The advertiser will have a TARGET
AUDIENCE..the one that it is aiming
its product at and it has to be
convinced that this magazine will be
reaching the largest target audience
Measuring audience..
Here are some things
demographic profiles include
Spending power…different types of
households eg professionals,
unemployed, retirees,
Measuring audience..
Demographic profiles
• TAGS Target Audience Grouping System
Used by ACNeilsen, a company that gathers
information on audiences.
Groups are based on information on
lifestyle, attitude and media consumption
These are called Psychographics.
AC Nielsen Surveys 12,000 people aged 10+
each year to create these profiles.
• ..7 different groups
• Liberal Sophisticates – 12% of the 10+
• The Young Hopefuls – 19%
• The Affluent Acquirers – 7%
• Struggling Young Families – 12%
• The Comfortable Full Nesters – 10%
• The Settled Seniors – 13%
• The Lonely and Dissatisfied – 18%
• The Next Generation – 9%
Demographic Profile
Create a demographic profile
questionnaire that you think AC
Nielsen would use to find out
information about consumers.
It must have at least 10 questions
on it eg What is your level of

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