The Lorax
Dr. Seuss
 Human activity requires a steady supply of food and
materials from the Earth and its biosphere. All natural
substances that humans remove from the environment for
their own use are called natural resources. Renewable
resources can be replaced at about the same rate we use
them and include trees, crops, livestock, water and oxygen.
Nonrenewable resources cannot be replaced as quickly as we
use them.
 As the human population increases, we require more and
more living space, fuels, food and other goods.
Manufacturing helps meet these needs and improves the
overall quality of our lives. However, manufacturing uses up
certain natural resources and produces waste products that
spoil the environment.
Question 1
 What were the natural resources that the
Once-ler found?
Classify the resources as renewable or
Question 2
 What was the new product that the Onceler began to manufacture?
Describe the technology he used to make
and transport his product.
Question 3
 What kind of problems does the Onceler’s factory cause for the environment?
Name at least three.
Question 4
 What do you think the Lorax’s message
“unless” means?
Question 5
 What could the Once-ler have done to
minimize his factory’s effect on the
Question 6
 A “Thneed” is defined as a fine thing that
everyone thinks they need. What are
some examples of thneeds- things that
we think we need?
Question 7
 What does the story of The Lorax help us
understand about the use and misuse of
renewable natural resources?
Question 8
 Does the story end on a positive note?
Journal Entry
1. Pretend you are the Lorax. Speak for the
animals that were driven the Truffula forest.
2. Pretend you are a Truffula tree. What do
you want to say to the people who are
cutting you down?
3. Pretend you are the Lorax and you have
come to visit our school. What would you
say to the students?