5 paragraph
You have 45 minutes to:
 Read your topic (the prompt)
 Pre-write (free-write, brainstorm, etc)
 Organize (write your topic sentence and
 Draft (write the essay)
 Revise (READ THROUGH and make changes)
 Edit (check grammar and spelling)
Read your topic
( 3 minutes )
( 5 minutes )
( 3 minutes )
( 20 minutes )
( 8 minutes )
( 6 minutes)
 Two
evaluators will score
your essay according to its
overall effectiveness. Their
evaluations will be based on
the following features…
*Well-focused main points
*Clear organization
*Specific development of your ideas
*Control of sentence structure,
(including: punctuation, grammar, and spelling)
*Word choice
 Cuteness
 Cleverness
 Creativity
 Comedy
So, the pressure is off right?
Read- reading will help you internalize the structure
of written English, a well read writer is a better
Write – get in the habit of expressing yourself on
paper, start a journal.
Learn – essay templates are great way to frame your
essay work.
Brush up your grammar and spelling- correct your
mistakes when you find them.
Clean up your handwriting – You are not supposed to
lose points for handwriting, but if your scorer can’t
make out what you’ve written you may get a lower
score than you deserve.
Read the entire prompt
Use an outline
Start with an introduction that addresses the
prompt specifically
Support your introduction through the essay body
Write a conclusion that restates your essay’s
Leave time for proof reading!!!
You’ll do
Just great!