The Divine
Revelation of
God’s Reign &
The Parable of the Lamp
 Jesus said a lamp is not brought in for
the purpose of being covered.
 Jesus said the things that are hidden
will eventually be revealed
Meaning of the
Parable of the Lamp
1. Jesus has not come to hide his
2. The hidden truths of Jesus will be
made known.
3. The key to knowing the divine truths
of Jesus are ‘ears of faith’.
What Jesus Said About
Responding to His Word
1. The extent to which you listen in
faith, is the same extent to which you
will be able to understand truth.
2. Those who respond in faith to Jesus
and his Word will receive even more
revelation of truth.
What Jesus Said About
Responding to His Word
3. Those who hear and do not respond in
faith to Jesus and his Word will lose
the truth they have already received.
The Kingdom of God
The divine authority, rule and reign of
God given by God the Father to God the
Son, the incarnate Jesus.
Kingdom of God
 Jesus coming to earth as God in the flesh
was a new revelation of this kingdom rule.
 The authority of Jesus to rule this kingdom
was given to him by God, it is not earthly
 The object of this kingdom rule is the
redemption of a specific people and their
deliverance from the power of evil.
Kingdom of God
 This kingdom of God is expressly known
through the reign of Jesus alone – there is no
kingdom reign of God apart from Jesus.
 This kingdom will culminate in:
a) Jesus defeating Satan, evil and all of the
effects of sin, including death.
b) the eternal glorious reign of Jesus and
his church.
The Parable of the Growing Seed
 The kingdom of God is likened to a
seed on the ground.
 The farmer does not cause the seed
to grow, nor does he understand how
it grows.
Meaning of the Parable of the
Growing Seed
1. God is the source of all revelation and
spiritual growth in the advancing
kingdom of God.
2. God is the source of the timing of
spiritual growth and spiritual harvest
in his advancing kingdom
The Parable of the Mustard Seed
 The kingdom is likened to a mustard seed.
 The mustard seed is one of the smallest
seeds the Palestinians would have known.
 The mustard seed starts small and
insignificant but grows large and significant.
 At its culmination the mustard seed becomes
a tree that provides refuge.
Meaning of the
Parable of the Mustard Seed
1. In the eyes of many, Jesus and his
kingdom message seems small and
2. Just as the mustard seed grows
unnoticed by many, so Jesus and his
kingdom advances although
completely unnoticed by so many.
Meaning of the
Parable of the Mustard Seed
3. Just as the tiny mustard seed culminates
in a tree of refuge so the culmination of
God’s kingdom through Jesus will give
eternal refuge to those that receive his
message in true faith.
Those with Ears to Hear!
Are you missing Jesus and his kingdom
reign because your eyes are focused on
the world around you?
 Are you awaiting with faith and joy the
culmination of Christ’s rule and reign?