A Test of Faith
to Trust the Promise
November 17, 2013
What Is the Test?
 Take your son
 Take your only son
 Take the son whom you love
 Offer him as a sacrifice in the land
of Moriah.
Abraham’s Obedience
 He obeyed immediately
 He prepared in faith to do what God
 He drew near to God in faith
 He prophetically speaks in faith
Isaac’s Question
& Abraham’s Response
Isaac’s Question:
Where is the lamb for the offering?
Abraham’s Response:
God will provide the lamb.
The Sacrifice
1. Abraham prepares the altar.
2. Abraham prepares the sacrifice.
3. Abraham took the knife to slay his
Hebrews 11:17,19
James 2:21
God’s Divine Intervention
and Provision
1) God tells Abraham not to touch the
2) God confirms Abraham’s faith.
3) God provides a substitute sacrifice.
4) God reaffirms the promise by his
own name.
Answers to Our Tests of Faith
1) God prepares us in advance for
tests of faith.
2) God grows our faith by testing our
faith – the way to increase faith is to
exercise faith!
3) God always makes provision in the
test – but the provision is put into
effect through faith in God.