Power and
~ What’s the difference?
Focus Questions:
 What is authority?
What is the difference between authority
and power?
 If one person makes
another do
something, that
person is using
Let’s Play!
 We will play the “paddle” game. Draw a
“thumbs up” on one side of your paddle
and a “thumbs down” on the other side.
 Listen to the following scenarios. If the
scenario shows a person acting on
his/her own, raise your thumbs up
paddle. If the scenario shows a person
acting because someone had power over
him/her, raise your thumbs down paddle.
Scenario 1:
 Tim is going
swimming after
Scenario 2:
 Julia’s mother made
her wait an hour after
eating before going
in the pool.
Scenario 3:
 Isaiah could not watch the baseball game
because his brother kept changing the
Scenario 4:
 Grace gave a dollar to her friend to buy a
Scenario 5:
 Kyle’s father said he could not go outside
to play until his homework was finished
 Now you can turn and talk to a partner about
the scenarios in which someone acted on
his/her own and when the person acted
because someone had power over him/her.
 Next, please respond to these two questions in
your empowerment journals:
1.) Describe a time that you acted on your own
when you made a choice.
2.) Describe a time when you acted because
someone had power over you.
 The right to use power to influence or
control the behavior of others.
 Note the difference between power and
authority: Authority involves the right to
tell others what to do.
Who has authority…
In your home?
At school?
(teachers, principal)
In our community?
(police officers, mayor)
Tell me…how is authority different from
Role Play!
 In groups, you will create a skit to
demonstrate a particular scenario. You will
have 10-15 minutes to prepare your skit.
 Other students will be asked to tell whether
they feel your skit accurately demonstrates
power and/or authority. Make it count!
Scenario 1:
 A teacher assigning homework/class
work to his/her class.
Scenario 2:
 A parent telling a child to do their chores.
Scenario 3:
 A student demanding
money for recess
from another student.
Scenario 4:
 A police officer giving someone a ticket.
Scenario 5:
 A thief robbing a bank.
 How did you feel
creating and
watching those
 Do you feel you
have a greater
understanding of
power and
 Let’s see…
In which scene is the person using
person using power without
authority? Explain…
Concluding thoughts…
 Why is authority needed?
 Why is it important to know
the difference between
authority and power?
Check out these Heritage Minutes and
consider how authority and power
influence the events.
Governor Frontenac
Jennie Trout
Louis Riel
Nellie McClung
 In your
journal, state the
types/sources of
power you see
people using to
achieve their goals,
and critique the use
of the power.