 To understand how the impacts of tectonic
hazards differ in MEDCs and LEDCs
Describe what you
think is happening in
this photo
What questions do you
have for this girl?
Look at the
photos and
think about
the effects
from the Haiti
There are generally more deaths in LEDCs than
in MEDCs
There are generally more economic losses in
MEDCs than in LEDCs
MEDCs have access to technology and have
more resources available for awareness and
education campaigns to keep people safe during
The government is
poor so aid (food,
medical care) was
needed from all
over the world
Outside organisations
were asked to stockpile
water and tinned food to
prepare for future
Building standards are
very low. Buildings
can’t withstand
earthquakes , people
were trapped.
6000 people were killed,
300,000 were left
homeless in Kobe.
The earthquake
caused $150billion
dollars of damage
People and schools
As many as one million The earthquake caused
practice their earthquake people were left
$14 billion dollars worth of
drills regularly
homeless after the
Haiti earthquake
There were few long
term effects on
Kobe as it is an
MEDC (wealthy
Seismographs and other
scientific equipment are
used to monitor the
seismic activity along
fault lines
Emergency water
tanks and electricity
generators have been
installed in Kobe to
help prepare
people slept in the
streets, on
pavements and in
cars or in makeshift
shanty towns
Modern skyscrapers are
now built with steel
frames and set on
rubber, they can sway
during earthquakes and
not be destroyed
households now have 230,000 people died in the
earthquake preparation earthquake in Haiti
3million people were
affected and 300,000 were
injured in the earthquake
Sort the effects into LEDC
and MEDC and add them
to your table
You are a news reporter and have visited the
locations of 2 earthquakes, one in an MEDC and
one in an LEDC, you can use the case study
earthquakes or other ones
You need to write a newspaper article comparing
and contrasting the impact of the earthquake
Include photos and maps
Finish your newspaper article, I will be
collecting it in.

lesson 19: Case study MEDc vs ledc