Fashion Promotion Plan
Objective #1:
– Increase consumer awareness of the company,
product, service or brand
• Get more people to recognize and recall the name of
your brand
Objective #2:
– Change Consumer Attitudes
Objective #3:
-Promote New Products
• Advertisers want to convince consumers to buy a newer
model of the same product.
Objective #4:
– Persuade consumer to try a sample of the product
• When a consumer tries a sample, it must meet or
exceed the advertised benefits.
• What products have you been asked to sample in
– Food, Makeup, Kiosk in mall (hand lotion/nail),
Objective #5:
- Persuade consumers to buy the advertisers
Objective #6:
• Create a “regular” user
– Convert an occasional user into a regular user
Objective #7:
-Brand Switching
– Persuade a consumer who is loyal to another
brand to switch brands.
Objective #8:
• Expand Target Market
– A business may need to reach a different segment
of the market.
Objective #9:
• Increase Sales
– All promotional campaigns are meant to increase
sales. However, they do this directly or indirectly.
• Ex: A sale on an item is meant to directly increase
• Ex: An ad that improves consumers’ attitude about the
product will indirectly increase sales.
Objective #10:
• Increase the number of multiples per
– Ex: customers buy more than one item
Objective #11:
• Encourage frequent purchases
– Can be accomplished through “store bucks” (ex:
$25 in Kohl’s cash for every $100 purchase) or
punch cards (ex: Bruesters frequent buyer card)
Objective #12:
• Create goodwill
– Can be accomplished by partnering with a local
charity or business through community service
type activities.