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The Weather Around Us
Ashley, Kristin, Gloria,
Amber, & Mindi
Teaching Weather in the Classroom
• Used across the curriculum and age groups
• Everyday, life changing experience
• Strikes children’s curiosity
Weather Fronts
• 2nd Grade Lesson Plan: Language Arts
Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
by: Judi Barrett
Students learn about a town called Chewandswallow and the unusual
weather the town encounters.
Students will produce a class book.
– Creative writing assignment
– Art project
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3rd Grade Lesson Plan: Science
Make Lightning
– Students learned that lightning is caused by static electricity in thunder clouds
due to convection of warm and cool air masses.
– Students do an experiment making lightning.
• 4th Grade Lesson Plan: Language Arts
– The Cloud Book
by: Tomie dePaola
– Students learn about different types of clouds.
– The students create their own cloud booklet.
• Students make clouds using cotton balls.
• Students write sentences about each cloud.
Sample available for viewing.
• 6th Grade Lesson Plan: Science
– Students construct and observe a tornado model to identify the
characteristics of a real tornado.
– Students become familiar with tornado facts, including how they
are created as well as their destructive potential.
• 8th Grade Lesson Plan: Science
– Students will understand the concept of how and why the
seasons occur.
– Students will observe a demonstration of how the suns rays
strike the earth.
– The angle of the sun’s rays effects the temperature of the
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• 8th Grade Lesson Plan: Language Arts
• The students are introduced to: Josie and the Hurricane
By: Nancy Wood
• Students become familiar with factual information on an actual
hurricane in history.
• Students will compose a narrative story involving themselves
in a hurricane.
• Hurricane
•Tornado in a Bottle
• Tornado Safety
•Tornado Grading Rubric
• Tornado Facts
• Rain Stick
•Raining in the Classroom
Weather Forecasting
Students could apply knowledge to predict the daily/weekly weather.
Storm Damage
• Students assess aftermath of storms.
Raining in the Classroom
• Audience involved activity
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