The three branches of government
under the constitution are like a…
human body
The skeleton is like the constitution because
just as the skeleton is the structure of our
body, the constitution is the structure of
our government.
The people are like the brain because just
as the brain steers our body, the people
steer our government.
The executive branch is like the nerves
because just as the nerves send
messages to the body, the executive
branch sends messages to the united
The legislative branch is like your
conscience because just as your
conscience can over ride what your brain
says, the legislative branch can over ride a
The judicial branch is like the skin because
just as your skin is there for life, the
judicial branch judges are appointed for
The president is like the voice because just
as the voice speaks to people, the
president speaks to the people.
The congress is like the stomach because
just as the stomach decides if you’re o.k.,
the congress decides if the laws are o.k.
The supreme court is like the eyes because
just as the eyes see for the body where to
go, the supreme court sees over all the
laws and cases.
Checks and balances is like your tongue
because just as your tongue checks food,
the different branches check eachother.
Separation of powers is like the veins
because just as the veins separate the
blood to the different body parts, all the
power is separated between all the
Shays’s rebellion is like a virus because just
as a virus attacks your immune system,
shays attacked the government.
The articles of confederation is like the
tissue because just as the bones grew
from the tissue, the constitution grew off of
the articles of confederation.
George Washington is like the heart
because just as the heart is the father of
our body, George Washington is the father
of our country.
The constitutional convention is like the
spinal cord because just as all the nerves
meet here to transmit to the body, the
representatives met here to discuss about
the government.
The house of representatives is like the
lungs because just as the lungs take in
and release carbon dioxide, the house of
representative releases the bills to the