Jesi Parker
November 8, 2012
The Life of Joan Miró
Born: April 20, 1893 in Barcelona, Spain.
Died: December 25, 1983.
At 14, Miró entered and studied in two schools of art, including the
School of Industrial and Fine Arts.
Miró traveled to many places including Holland, Paris, and the United
Childhood- Basically, Miró took art classes, but his parents would
have rather seen him making a living from a successful
business career. He took business classes along with art
classes. He worked as an accountant for 2 years and had a
nervous breakdown. His parents finally accepted that he
wanted to be an artist, although they didn’t offer him
much support.
Miró was born as the son of a goldsmith and jewelry maker in Barcelona
in Northern Spain.
Styles of Art
Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramist
Miró combined abstract art with Surrealist fantasy to create his
lithographs, murals, tapestries, and sculptures for public
Career/Professional Life
He was very popular. It didn't take long for him to meet the greats of
his time including Cubist Picasso and Surrealist André
Breton. Moving in all the right circles, Miró began to gain
I did not find anything about any scandals/conflicts with his work.
Miró won many awards for different pieces of artwork
Miró’s work is sold today, however, I did not find any information
about exhibitions.
The Village of Prades – 1917
This is a painting of the Village of Prades and the fields surrounding it.
Location: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY
Style: Fauvism
Vegetable Garden with Donkey – 1918
This is a simple painting of a garden scene
Style: Surrealism
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Harlequin's Carnival 1924
I imagine this painting depicts a room filled with
animals and different objects. Some objects
look random.
Location: Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Style: Surrealism
The Nightingale's Song at Midnight and the Morning Rain 1940
This picture consists of different shapes connected together in an odd pattern
Location: Perls Galleries, New York, NY
Style: Surrealism
Miró’s art:
I love the way he uses colors in his paintings.Miró
aimed to create intricate artwork, using simple
ideas and colors. The gives each piece simplicity. I
really like that Miró did not try to out-do anyone
else, but created simple art that would draw the
attention of many.
My favorite work on art by Joan Miró would have
to be The Village of Prades because I like the
colors used, and the soft look of the painting.
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