Jews and Palestinians:
Two Claims to Palestine
Top of page 37 – White margin
Explain the historical reasons for the
establishment of the modern state of Israel
in 1948; include the Jewish connection to
the land, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism,
and Zionism in Europe.
Top of Page 37 – Below the
• Write the question and answer:
–Have you ever been involved in a
situation you felt was unfair? What
was it and what did you do?
Should Jeds be
allowed to immigrate
to the Land of Pad?
Connecting Questions
• How did you feel at the beginning of the
• How did you feel when I, the Great Power,
allowed several Jeds to immigrate?
• Jeds, how did you feel when immigration
was restricted? Pads, how did it feel when
immigration for Jeds was restricted?
Connecting Questions
• How did you feel toward me, the Great Power,
when I kept favoring the Jeds and allowing them
to immigrate?
• How were your views on immigration affected by
the announcement that millions of Jeds had
been killed?
• How did you feel at the end of the activity?
• Should the land of Pad now be 1 independent
country governed by the majority, or should land
be split into 2 separate countries, 1 for each
group? Why?
History- Top of page 38
• The Great Power:
– Great Britain
• The Land of Z:
– Israel
• Jeds:
– Jews
• Pads:
– Palestinians
• Empire of Ott:
– Ottoman Empire
• Land of Pad:
– Palestine
Notes: Page 38
The Land of Pad
Palestine 1918 - 1948
The Great
Power: Great
Jeds: Diaspora
of Jews
Vocabulary – page 38
• Diaspora- The scattering of Jews throughout
the Middle East.
Zionism- An international movement for the
establishment of a Jewish homeland in
Balfour Declaration- In 1917, the British
signed saying they supported making Palestine
a Jewish homeland
• Anti-Semitism- Violence and hatred
directed towards Jews.
Vocabulary – page 37 / 38
• Mandate-
a country placed under the control
of another power by international agreement
• Holocaust- German Nazis led by Adolf Hitler
killed 6 million Jews (1939-1945)
• World War II- 1939-1945
– Allies: Great Britain, US, Soviet Union versus
– Axis: Italy, Germany, Japan
• United Nations- Formed after WWII for
peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance