Many of our customers are using this “Free” Utility. However there are some things that we need to
communicate to our customers about how SpeedTest works and what factors can effect their individual
SpeedTest is a point to point test between and individual machine and the SpeedTest server. There are a
numerous factors that can influence the test. We will discuss the most basic of these in this tutorial.
The Internet
Local Network
Local Network
SpeedTest Server
At the workstation level 1st and foremost... How many web or network applications are you running?
SpeedTest doesn’t take into
account just how many web or
network applications you might
be running.
Network applications also
include local conversations
between your workstation and
servers within your own
All of these things use CPU
and bandwidth on your
computers network card.
SpeedTest does not include
those things in making its
At the Internet Level. How much total upload & download bandwidth does your location
have ?
SpeedTest was made for individual
consumers (home users) with no
consideration that there might be
more than one computer on the wire.
If there are other computers on your
local network using Internet bandwidth
your results will most likely not reflect
true performance.
The result you will get is based on
what bandwidth YOUR computer
could get from your uplink at that point
in time.
SpeedTest will attempt to use all the
available bandwidth available to
complete its END to END test. The
key word here is AVAILABLE.
This being the case you should insure
that your computer is the only one
using your Internet connection to
obtain an accurate result.
10 Mbit Metro Ethernet Link
At your local network level. How many machines do you share your Internet access with (and what are they
Picture upload
access 128K
(whatever is left)
SpeedTest is not aware of the other computers and devices on your local network. These could be using up
bandwidth which would make the test invalid. Remember... SpeedTest only tells you performance between
YOUR computer and the SpeedTest server.
What about the SpeedTest Server itself ?
2 Mbit Frame Relay circuit
HOW is the SpeedTest Server connected to the
Given the topology in the diagram it would be
impossible for you to determine if YOUR really getting
10 Mbit if the SpeedTest server your pointing at has
only a 2 Mbit connection. We have not been able to
the individual
server information
anywhere on the
the question
of “How Many
Users” are website.
currently connected to the
SpeedTest server and running performance
tests? This would also be a contributing factor
given that the SpeedTest server can be
installed on any Windows machine.
The performance of the server itself is also not
documented in such a manner that you can
find out if its a Pentium, a Xeon, speed and
of CPU cores etc. The above is not trivial
a company is representing their product as
accurate and definitive.
10 Mbit Metro Ethernet Link