How NAEP Constructed-Response
Items Are Scored: A Turnkey
Workshop for Teachers
Multiple Choice Scoring
Short Constructed-Response Scoring
Extended Constructed-Response Scoring
Item Distribution
Scoring Logistics
Training Materials
Item (Question)
Scoring Guide & Rubric
Anchor Sets
Scoring Sheets
Practice Sets
• NAEP Questions Tool
The Goal of Scoring
Our goal is to make consistent and accurate
judgments about what students know and can
do based on their given responses, while
maintaining the highest standards of
measurement precision.
Eunice Greer, Senior Research Scientist
National Center for Education Statistics
Multiple Choice Items
• Only one correct response
• Scanned and scored electronically
• Inexpensive to score
Short Constructed-Response Items
2 Score Category
• Correct
• Incorrect
3 Score Category
• Complete
• Partial
• Unacceptable or
Extended Constructed-Response Items
4 Score Category
• Complete
• Essential
• Partial
• Incorrect
5 Score Category
• Extended
• Satisfactory
• Partial
• Minimal
• Incorrect
Item Type Distribution: Mathematics
Item Type Distribution: Reading
History of Scoring
Scoring Sites
Training Materials – Cover Page
Training Materials - Question
Training Materials – Scoring Guide &
Training Materials – Anchor Set
Training Materials – Anchor Set
Training Materials – Scoring Form
Potential scorers
use this form to
record practice
To qualify to
score this item,
the potential
scorer must
score 90%
Training Materials – Practice Sets
Training Materials – Practice Sets
Using the NAEP Questions Tool to
Locate Additional Test Items
The NAEP Questions Tool
The NAEP Questions Tool
The NAEP Questions Tool
The NAEP Questions Tool
The NAEP Questions Tool