Lori Lueptow, Whittier Elementary School
Instructional Implementation
 How are we scheduling students into the labs
for Istation?
- For the ISIP, students were pulled by class to take the BOY. We
used 8 computers from the Library and 5 computers from the
Resource Room.
- Throughout the week, Instructional Aids helped by pulling the
students out of their classrooms and monitoring them while taking
the test.
Instructional Implementation
 What resources are we using for
interventions per tier?
 Tier 1: Teachers are using activities and lessons from Istation for
whole group instruction.
 Tier 2 and 3: During After School Tutorials ,teachers are using 8
computers from the Library and their classroom computers so
students can get individualized intervention on Istation.
 Tier 2 and 3: During After School tutorials, Trice tutors are
utilizing the lesson plans provided by Istation to differentiate
instruction based on Istation data.
 In the cafeteria, we will be utilizing a new mobile computer lab.
Instructional Implementation
 How are we encouraging our campus teachers
to implement differentiated instruction? i.e.
small group instruction
- We printed all Lesson Plans from Istation and organized them by skill
and tier to make them accessible to teachers and Trice tutors.
-Provided planning time to hold discussion about what differentiated
instruction should look like in the classroom.
- Provided Professional Development through TDS on differentiated
- Providing instructional walkthrough feedback to improve their
instructional practices.
Instructional Implementation
 Current interventions we have in place to ensure
students success in Reading and Writing.
- Afternoon tutorials by Trice tutors and teachers.
- Pullouts by Trice tutors
- Small group instruction.
- Workstations
Instructional Implementation
 How are we monitoring Istation progress on
our campus?
- by analyzing the monthly Summary Report to monitor grade level
Instructional Implementation
 How are we monitoring Istation progress on
our campus?
- By analyzing a monthly Skill Growth Report by grade level.
Instructional Implementation
 How are we monitoring Istation progress on
our campus?
- Analyzing monthly Tier Movement Report to track individual
student progress.
Instructional Implementation
 How do teachers access data and share data
with their students?
 Teachers will use “Priority Reports” and “Student Summary
Reports”. Teachers will share the information with students to
check if they are moving towards the students’ end of the year
Instructional Implementation
 Collaborating about student progress and
intervention strategies.
 During Grade Level PLC meetings, teachers meet to discuss
students’ progress and share the strategies that are helping their
students make the most progress.
Teacher Support
 How do teachers with students with little
progress get the support they need?
- The TDS will provide Professional Development and support to
assist teachers in developing research based strategies that will help
students progress.
- Administrators’ feedback , coaching and support
Conducting Instructional Walks
 What should administrators look for during
their Istation instructional walks?
- Teachers providing differentiated instruction and small group
- Students utilizing the differentiated instruction from the program.
Data Analysis Meetings
 During Grade Level PLC meetings, teachers and administrators will
be analyzing Istation data, discussing student progress and
regrouping students.
Small Group Instruction Support
 Teachers tutor after school to provide small group instruction.
 Teachers have been provided with desktops to provide
differentiated instruction in the classroom for level 2 and 3 students.
 Trice tutors assist teachers in providing differentiated instruction by
utilizing Istation intervention lesson plans during pullouts and after
school tutorials.

Istation – Presentation - HISD Response to Intervention