Three Pompeii Buildings
House of Sallust
• Here is one of
the oldest
buildings in
House of Sallust
• Floorplan.
House of Sallust
• Left, house of Sallust before it was restored.
Right, house of Sallust after it was restored.
House of Sallust
• Shop with pots built
into the stone. Some
of the pots had
holes below where
they could put fires
to keep food warm.
House of Sallust
• Here are some pictures of the outside of the
Sallust house.
House of Sallust
• Design on the floor
of the entryway
between two shops.
House of Sallust
• Two pictures of the atrium and impluvium,
and what looks like another small impluvium.
House of Sallust
• A better
picture of
the atrium
House of Sallust
• Wall pictures.
House of Sallust
• Two outside and
garden pictures.
House of Sallust
• Two more outdoor
Insula Di Diana
• I could not find
much information
on this building but
it is a multiple
housing unit or a
type of apartment
Isula Di Diana
• Full view of Insula Di Diana
Insula Di Diana
• Pictures of the
Insula Di Diana
• Indoor hallways.
Insula Di Diana
• Second story room division.
Bakery in Pompeii
• Because there are
about thirty bakeries in
Pompeii I could only
find pictures of different
bakeries but since
many bakeries in
Pompeii are alike, I put
all the pictures just as
“Bakery in Pompeii” .
Here they are.
Bakery in Pompeii
• In these pictures the thing
under the arch is the oven
and in all the pictures the
round objects in the middle
are machines used to grind
wheat into flour.
Bakery in Pompeii
• Inside a