Julius Caesar
Act I
Question #1
 Why are Marullus and Flavius angry with
the celebrating workmen?
 They are in the streets celebrating
Caesar’s defeat of the former ruler
 They think the people are disloyal.
Question #2
 What warning does Caesar ignore from
the soothsayer? (5 words)
 “Beware the Ides of March.”
Question #3
 List the two events that Cassius tells
Brutus of to convince him that Caesar is
too weak to be a ruler.
 Caesar almost drowns in the Tiber River
during a swimming race.
 Caesar acts like a “sick girl” during an
illness while battling in Spain.
Question #4
How does Caesar describe Cassius to
Marc Antony?
 He is “lean and hungry.”
 He “thinks too much.”
 He is “dangerous.”
Question #5
Why is Cassius so determined to get
Brutus to join in their plot against
 Brutus is an honored and respected
 He will make the assassination look
Question #6
Who is the one character who supports
Caesar unconditionally?
 Marc Antony
Question #7
How does Casca interpret the storm in
scene 3?
 He sees the strange sights and believes
that something bad is about to happen.
 He believes that the omens are a hint or
warning of the dangers to come.
Question #8
 What strange omens occur in scene 3?
 A slave’s hand is on fire yet it does not
 A lion is walking through the city streets
 Men are walking through the streets on
 An owl is shrieking and hooting at
noonday in the marketplace
Question #9
Describe Caesar at this point in the play.
Unwilling to show fear
Question #10
How does Cassius try to persuade
Brutus to turn against Caesar?
 He tries to show how Caesar is an
ordinary man, unworthy to be put in this
high position.
Question #11
What purpose does the first scene of Act
1 serve?
 It reveals the attitudes of various groups
toward Caesar.
Question #12
 How does Cassius show that he is
jealous of Caesar?
 He thinks that he is physically stronger.
 He says that he and Brutus are just as
good, if not better, than Caesar.
 He starts a conspiracy against Caesar so
that Caesar will be killed, forcing them to
find a new ruler.