By Lydia & Chloe
Italian Foods
There are lots of different foods in
Italy like Pizza, Ciabatta bread and
even Spaghetti and Olives and Grapes.
 Italian foods are sometimes even
found and eaten in Ireland !!!
Italian Customs
Festa della donna is a festival held on the
8th of March every year . A man gives
flowers called ‘mimosa’ to their wife,
sister, mother or friend.
 The Italian Carnevale is where children,
teenagers and adults dress up in costums
and masks !
Italian Tourism
One of the most famous Italian Tourism
attractions are the Milan Duomo and the
Lake Como and here are some pictures of
them !
Lake Tours
Lakes in Italy are beautiful and although
they are beautiful not many people row
boats there.
 The Isola Bella and Isola Pescatri and
Lake Victoria and Lake Edward are some
of the lakes in Italy .
Venice is better known as the city of love!
 If you look below you will see a picture of
Venice Facts
Venice (the city of love) is a place full of facts and
people. Venice has dramatic waterscapes, Florence
striking art and architecture, Rome has ruins aplenty and
beautiful Italy hotels, Milan fashion catwalks and
Bologna some of the best food. Naples is a wonderfully
chaotic piece of street opera and all over the country,
beautiful smaller towns and cities such as Verona, Siena
and Perugia all have their own special atmospheres. On
your Italy vacations, don’t miss Pisa, Tuscany and the
islands of Sicily and Sardinia. With all this, Italy’s
enduring appeal is easy to explain.
Venice Tourist Attractions
Some of Venice tourist attractions are the
bridge of sorrows, San Marco square and
the Giardino Glusti.

Our powerpoint on Italy!