Pearls in Policing
Working Group 1 Police and Policing in an
ever Changing World
What is the future role of the police given
fundamental shifts in strategic and
operational environments?
 What do stakeholders – political, private
and public - want their police to be?
 What will policing look like like as the
traditional security monopoly erodes?
And, crime and social unrest are rising?
Continuity: IALG 2013
Key words
Public policing is but one of the actors next to dozens
of regulators, inspections and a growing private
security industry
Fragmentation of policing
How do you position yourself in multi agency realities:
do you have strategy?
Are you an observer, or are you assertive, pro active
and a ‘mover and shaker’ in the security arena?
How do you guarantee Public Interest, Democracy and
Core Values in all sorts of Collaboration/Networks and
19th and 20th century policing
21th century policing
21th century policing
Next to 19th/20th century order keeping
 21th century need for financial and digital
order keeping
‘Silent revolutions in policing’
Outgrowing public policing
‘Are you swift, flexible and innovative enough?’
IALG 2013
The metaphor for this scenario is “Is
there a pilot on the plane?”; an absence
of effective leadership leads to a crash.
IALG 2013: ‘Every Police Leader a Masterpiece’
Police strategy is designed to sense and
respond to changes in the environment, must
lead to the establishment of new capabilities,
competencies and collaborative networks that
are agile and responsive.
IALG/Pearls Converstaions on Policing
From incident- & case driven
conversations to strategic conversations
 From operational/tactical conversations
to strategic conversations
4 case studies
Corporate Sponsorship Public Policing
 Policing Cyberspace and Public Private
 Policing Big Cities
 Multi agency Policing in Ports and
Share experiences in your own country
with the subject
 Set of questions all relating to the
strategic question: how do you position
public policing in multi agency/private
security realities

Conference documents