BTEC First Certificate
in Performing Arts
 Unit A1 explores the varied elements of
the Performing Arts Industry
 The 2 areas we will be looking at are;
Production Venues
Production Companies
Companies & Venues
Hull Truck Theatre
History of Hull Truck
 The Hull Truck Theatre is a theatre in
Kingston upon Hull which presents high
quality drama productions. It also tours
its productions on a regular basis.
 The theatre was founded in 1971 by
actor Mike Bradwell when he could not
find work. He placed an ad' in Time Out
magazine saying, "Half-formed theatre
company seeks other half".
John Godber – Artistic Director
 John Godber became artistic director in 1984
although at first he was unaware of how much
the Hull Truck Theatre was struggling
 He had been making a good living as a teacher
but the idea of being able to produce some of
his own works led him to accept the post.
 He decided that the best way to improve sales
and the success of the company was to write a
play relevant to its audiences. He wrote "Up n’
Under" a play about the rugby league in Hull.
This was a success.
New Hull Truck Theatre
 From 1983 the company was based in its
venue in Spring Street but a new 440 seat
theatre has been built for the company, as part
of the St. Stephen's development.
 This has cost £14.5 million and opened on 23
April 2009. The opening production stated its
run on 25 April 2009 and was the premier of the
John Godber play Funny Turns.
Community Theatre
 Hull Truck is different to other theatres
since they have ongoing projects with
different community groups such as
youth theatre groups, people with
disabilities and amateur dramatics
 They don’t just host plays; they get
involved with the creation of the arts that
they show to the public
Arts Administration – Konflux
Theatre In Education
 Konflux Theatre in Education is a York-based theatre
company touring throughout the United Kingdom with
workshop programs and performances for young
 Their programs involve working interactively with
groups in schools and all types of venues,
incorporating drama as an integral part of personal
and social development.
 They believe in using drama and theatre as tools for
creative learning. Thier work inspires imaginations and
engages young people's interest and involvement.
 Konflux Theatre in Education was
founded in 1997 with the aim of
producing high quality theatre for
children and young people.
 They are committed to providing schools
with unique programs that enrich and
extend the National Curriculum, because
they believe that young people learn
best when they are learning creatively
and having fun
 They work with more than a 1000
schools every year and pride ourselves
on our close working relationships with
teachers and other education
professionals, making sure their
programs and their delivery are always
tailored to the needs of the organisation.
 Konflux Theatre is an accredited Gifted
& Talented provider
Individual Task
 Spend 10 minutes highlighting and
annotating both hand outs making sure
that you understand the basics about
both the venues and the company
Group task – choose one from
 Hull Truck – Imagine you are the Artistic
Director of Hull Truck. Create a plan
showing new ways to get people to use
the facilities at the theatre i.e. community
outreach program.
 Konflux Theatre in Education company –
Imagine you are a group leader within
the theatre company and have been
asked by the local primary school to
produce a workshop based on
Encouraging Healthy Eating
Extended Study
 Research Hull Truck theatre and Konflux
Theatre Company
 Bring to the first lesson of week 2

Production Companies & Venues