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By: Ryan Krebs
The Childhood of Angelina
 Was born on February 20, 1805, in Charleston,
South Carolina.
 Always hated the idea of slavery, sexism, and
 Was the daughter of a judge and plantation owner.
She saw the abuse that slaves suffered from.
 Sarah Grimke her sister that felt the same about
slavery and together they were forced to move to
the north.
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The journey of Angelina Grimke
 Spoke out to many people about slavery and it’s cruelty.
 Was the first woman to speak publicly and in front of a
Legislative body about women’s rights and abolition.
 More outbreak of women fighting for the same cause
helped Angelina to reach her goal.
The Journey of Angelina Grimke
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 Angelina had wrote a letter to Garrison in which he had
 Later she published a book and put her name on the
document and sold it publicly.
 It talks about her life and growing up as a slave owning
class and later talks about how she feels about slavery.
 Here is a quote from her book, “I have not placed reading
before praying because I regard it more important, but
because, in order to pray aright, we must understand what
we are praying for.”
The later years of Angelina
 Converted over to Quakerism.
 An interesting fact is she married Theodore Weld.
 “I appeal to you, my friends, as mothers: are
you willing to enslave your children? You stare
back with horror and indignation at such
questions. But why, if slavery is not wrong to
those upon whom it is imposed?”
 This is one of her more famous quotes about
Old Age
 Angelina Grimke Ended up dieing in her sleep on October,
26 1879.
 Died in Hyde Park MA. Which is south of Boston.
 She spent the last of her days still campaigning for civil
rights and women's suffrage.
 http://www.great

Angelina Grimke - Pittsfield Public Schools