“Real heroes are only human. They lived and die like the
rest of us. But fictional heroes are different. They began
life many years ago and they will live on in fiction in the
future. Here are some favorite twentieth-century fictional
heroes.” (Greenall 1995)
You teacher will give you a series of clues
about one specific fictional hero. If you can
guess the name of the hero before he/she shows
you the picture, you get a point. If you cannot
guess the name of the hero, then he/she gets a
 Began
in 1939
 Saved Gotham City, with the help of Robin
 Has been fighting crime for 60 years
 Has three TV series, the most popular in 1960
 Has films and movies
 Fights criminals like the Penguin, Catwoman
and the Joker
Who is he?
This Character…
• “What’s up Doc?” (1937)
• Has been eating carrots
• Has appeared in comic books, newspaper strips and
cartoon films
• As long as people laugh at rabbits
Who is he?
This Character…
Has been living with pet Snoopy (1950)
First appeared in Peanuts
Has been playing baseball and going to school
First appearance on TV was in 1965
Has made three cinema movies
Who is he?
This Character…
• Has been the husband of Wilma and father of Pebbles
• Best friends are Betty and Barney Rubble
• Has been living at 345 Cave Stone Road, in Bedrock
• “Yabba Dabba Do!”
Who is he?
This Character…
Has been a Stoor Hobbit (1980)
Was once known as Smeagul
Has been living in Gladden Fields
Possessed the One Ring
“My Precious”
Had his ring stolen by Bilbo Baggins
Who is he?
This Character…
• Has been working for the British Secret service, as
spy 007 (1953)
• Fleming first wrote about him in Casino Royale
• First film was Dr. No (1962)
• Has appeared in over twenty films
• The Cold War has finished, Russians are not the
enemy, but bad people are still out there
Who is he?
This Character…
• Has been singing and dancing on TV, as a green frog
• Became famous with the Muppets (1967)
• 235 million people in 100 countries have seen
hundreds of Muppet shows
• There have also been three films
• Success has not changed him; he remains the same
Who is he?
This Character…
• Has been a space fighting princess since 1977
• Was adopted and raised by the Alderaan royal family
• Is the sister of Luke Skywalker and daughter of Darth
• Has been in love with Han Solo since she first saw
Who is she?
This Character…
• Was sent to Earth in a rocket, as an infant
• Raised as Clark Kent
• Has been wearing a red cape and fighting crime, since
• Has been in hundreds of comics and movies
Who is he?