Pond Ecosystem
Debra Anne Goulet
Producers in the Pond
Producers create
energy that is
consumed by living
things in order to help
them survive.
Some producers are
moss, cattails, lily’s
flowers and other…..
Consumers of the Pond
Tell me about the
consumers by
giving the definition
and then giving a
list of some
Include a minimum
of 2 pictures of
consumers in this
Decomposers of the Pond
Define decomposers
Give a brief description of
some you found for the pond
Include at least one picture
of a decomposer for YOUR
Zooplankton and diatomas
are some decomposers in
the pond
Interdependance in the Pond
Descibe some things that depend on
others in the Pond ecosystem (yours)
How are they interdependant?
Include on picture of the relationship
you talked about
You need to include three sources that
you found your information from…
Houghton Mifflin Scinece Textbook
Ponds, (book from library)
Ponds and Ecosystems (internet