Treasure Hunt
A Pirate adventure using inequalities and equations.
Adopted from Mrs.
Graphing Equations
Make a function table of x and y.
Find some possible values of x and solve for y.
Find 5 possible values of y.
Chart these on the graph paper. The x axis is
the horizontal line on the bottom. The y axis is
the vertical line on the left side.
Connect the dots to make a line.
If it is an inequality shade either above or below
the line depending on if it is greater than or less
y = 2x + 1
We are going on a treasure hunt to solve pirate systems of
inequalities and equations. You will create a team of 4
pirates and create a pirate treasure map using inequalities
and equations. The other pirate teams in the class will
follow your mathematical clues to see if they can find your
buried treasure.
This will count as a quiz grade.
To Do List:
Every member must first create, solve, and
graph 3 inequalities and 2 equations to use
as clues. You may only use a one variable
You may not join your fellow pirates until I
have checked and approved your
inequalities and equations.
To do list (continued)
This is due by the end of class or completed for homework.
Create pirate names
Create pirate regions
Pick two people to check and decide on 3 inequalities and 2
equations to use. These people will also decide whether or not the
other group has successfully followed your given clues or not.
Write a short pirate story (1 paragraph) using your pirate names and
regions telling the story as to your travels on your way to burry the
Pick a pirate captain to introduce your pirate crew and read your
pirate story.
Make a pirate flag
Are you ready for a treasure hunt?
Before you can go on a treasure hunt you
need to come up with clues to direct the
other pirate crew as to the location of your
buried treasure.
You have 15 minutes to create your clues
and finish anything that needs to be done.

Treasure Hunt - s Fun Fifth Grade