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What are some characteristics needed
for someone or something to be great?
Alexander and the Hellenistic Age
Chapter 9 Section 3
Big Idea- Alexander the
Great built a huge empire
& helped spread Greek
culture into Egypt & Asia.
Alexander (Video)
King Philip II
359 B.C.- becomes King of Macedonia
 Philip
He defeats the armies of Athens & Thebes
 Philip
targets Greece
becomes the leader of the Greeks
His success was because he was a brilliant
military leader
 Phalanx
Alexander the Great
Phillips turned his attention to Persia but
he was assassinated at daughters
wedding 336 B.C
Alexander took the throne in (age 20).
 Thebes
Born in Macedonia
rebelled, Alexander subdued it
Experienced soldier who studied under Aristotle.
Phalanx, archers, & Calvary
Olympias declared Alexander next ruler
Alexander the Great
Followed father’s wishes set out for Persia
Granicus River
Town of Issus / Liberated Egypt
Defeated Persians @ Gaugamela
Death of Alexander
Turn your textbook to page 274.
How far east did Alexander get?
Why did his troops want to turn back?
Where did Alexander die? How old was he?
Where was he buried? In what?
What does Hellenistic mean? What cultures are
blended together?
6. What happened to Alexander’s kingdom when he
7. Why was there three kingdoms created from
Alexander’s empire?
Reading, Comprehension questions, and
open ended response essay on Alexander
the Great

Ch 9 Sec 3 Alexander and the Hellenistic Age