How to Use Naviance
Succeed for Teacher
1. Sign In
Our account name is
Your username is your
email address without
“” attached
Naviance should have
sent you an email with
your new password
(which you will change
later). If you didn’t get
that email, let me know
and I will resend it.
2. View Your Pending
Click “Manage and
complete your college
recommendations” from
the Teacher’s Desk.
3. Open the Recommendation Portal.
Click “view apps” to see all the
schools for which the student is
Click “prepare forms” to add a written
document or complete a Common
Application Form.
4. Add a Recommendation
Click the Drop down
menu “Add New
Document” to select your
type of recommendation
form. You may be using
5. Select your type of
Recommendation Form
If the student has requested a
recommendation for the
Common App (an application
accepted nationwide by over
400 colleges and universities),
use the Common App Form
If you have written a letter of
recommendation in the
traditional sense, you may
upload it from a Microsoft Word
document using the Written
Evaluation. (Hint: you may use
this feature WITH the Common
App Form if you wish)
6. Using the Common App Form
You may send the Common
App form with ALL
applications or select
individual colleges and send
different versions of the
form. Just fill it out as many
times as you need, selecting
the college each time.
6b. Submitting the Common App
After completing the
form, select “save
7. Confirming Completion of the
Common App Form
The form will now appear in the “Teacher
Documents” section. You may view the form,
or replace or delete it by clicking on the links
on the right side.
If you need to add another Common App Form or
wish to also add a Written Recommendation
from Microsoft Word, you may do so by clicking
“Add New Document and selecting the
appropriate drop down choice.
8. Uploading a Written Evaluation
Select the “Written Evaluation” option from the
“Add New Document” drop down menu
9. Choosing What to send and Which
College should receive it.
Choose the
college you would
like to receive the
letter by selecting
from the
applications in the
drop-down menu.
Choose the file
from its location
on your computer
by clicking
“Choose File.”
10. Verify your Files!
Verify that the
correct college (or,
if you send the
same letter to all)
and the correct file
are selected.
11. Upload Your Files
Click “Upload File.”
12. Wait for the file to finish uploading
The file will take longer than
you expect to load. (1
minute or more) While the
file loads, you will see the
blue box showing “pending
13. Confirming the Completion of your
Written Evaluation Upload
Check to ensure all of
your documents have
loaded properly.
You may view, replace
or delete your
evaluation by clicking
the links on the right
side if necessary.
16. EMAIL Mrs. Klein!!
[email protected]
• This is VERY important!
• Let me know you have completed a
recommendation letter or form and for which
student so that I can SEND it to the school you
have selected.
• Without this step, I may not realize that you
have done anything, and the student may have
missing information in their application file.

How to Use Naviance Succeed for Teacher Recommendations