Phrasal Verbs
How to
Phrasal Verb Groups
(& Feelings)
Time & Opportunity
(& Study)
Relationships I
Counting on you
Ask/ take someone out on a date
Fall out with a friend
To give into someone’s demands
Make up with someone you fell out with
To back up a colleague’s suggestion
Look up to an idol
To offer your condolences
Fall for someone you love
To give up on someone (lose faith in them)
Put someone down
Pick on someone
Put up with someone you don’t like
Let someone down
Help out a friend in need
Keep at someone
Give your time to someone
Fed up with someone
Look after someone
To get along with someone
Pay someone a compliment
Get through to someone
To go out with someone
To bring someone down
To break up with someone
To bring someone up
To call on somone
To catch up with someone
Relationships II
 To check someone out
 To hold someone back
 To cheer someone up
 To keep someone out all night
 To cut in on a conversation
 To let someone in
 To cut someone off
 To look down on someone
 To drop someone off
 To look out for someone
 To get back at someone
 To pay someone back
 To get together
 To run into someone
 To give someone away
 To set someone up
 To go after someone
 To take after someone
 To go against someone
 To work something out with
 To grow apart
 To hang out with someone
Moderation I
 To cut back on something
 To hang up
 To cut down on something
 To fill up
 To cut out something
 To fill out
 To run out of something
 To fill in
 To use something up
 To drop back
 To turn/ switch something on
 To do away with something
 To turn/ switch something off
 To cut off something
 To turn something down/ up
 To cross something out
 To put something out
 To keep something up
 To keep on doing something
 To hold something back
 To draw a line under something
Debate, Argue & Study
Debate, Argue & Study I
 To point out something
 To look into something
 To hear someone out
 To look something over
 To see someone’s point
 To look something up
 To get your point across
 To make something up
 To make a point
 To mix something up
 To make a case for/ To argue your
case/ to argue your point
 To pick something out
 To back something up
 To break something down
 To bring something up
 To figure something out
 To go back over something
 To look through something
 To run through something
 To think something over
 To try out something
 To get down to something
 To check over something
 To put something to the test
Time & Opportunity
Time & Opportunity I
 To Clock in *
 To Get together
 To Clock out *
 To Hang out
 To take time off *
 To Mess around
 To Move up
 To Hang on.*
 To be pressed for time *
 To kill time
 To Fit in *
 To Press on
 To Run out of time*
 To get on in life
 To get on with life*
 To set off by *
 To carry on
 To make time for
 To call off
 To carry forward
 To Fall behind on
 To take up
 To grow up
Time & Opportunity II
 To put off
• To take your time
 To go through
• To pass the time
 To give up
• To lose track of
 To hold up
 To call off
 To bring up (someone)
• To have a good
• To hold off on
• To ask for time
• To keep up with
 To bring in
 To look after
 To bring on board
 To bring up
 To measure up to
 To come up with
 To put forward
 To write off
 To turn down
 To set aside
 To scrap
 To run out of
 To come off
 To make do with
 To come together
 To back down from
 To break down
 To call up
 To wrap up
 To set up
 To give up
 To throw something out there
 To throw someone out