Limited vs. Unlimited
Unlimited Government - What Is It Like?
• Unlimited Government = government’s power has no
limits. Usually no constitution or laws limiting the
governments power
• Control is placed solely with the ruler and his/her
appointees. No limits imposed on his /her authority.
• These governments have total control over their citizens.
• Can you think of a country today that has a government
that we would consider unlimited government?
Limited Government – What Is It Like?
• Limited government = the power of government leader
is limited by the constitution.
• Everyone, including all authority figures, must obey the
• Individual rights of the citizen are protected by the
• To gain power is not the main goal in a limited
• The main goal of government is to improve the public
• Can you name a type of government that is considered a
limited form of government?
One person has all of the power; also
called Monarchy, Tyranny, or
A few people have all the power;
also known as Aristocracy or
(sometimes) Communism
Everyone may participate in
government; also called
Representative Democracy or
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Unlimited Government—ruler can do
Unlimited Government—rulers can do
Limited Government—people who
make laws also follow the laws!
Leaders are “born” in to power
(monarchy) or gain power by force
(military dictatorship)
Decisions are made by only a few
people—usually the rich and
People elect representatives
to make decisions for them
Citizens may unite in their loyalty to their Decisions can be made quickly and
ruler and decisions can be made quickly good leadership may prevail, as long
as no one person takes over
Everyone is involved and has equal
power, there is a lot of loyalty and
support, individual freedoms are
No individual freedoms given, needs of
the citizens not considered, ruler may
make poor choices
No individual freedoms are given, the
Time consuming, since everyone
needs of the people are not considered, gives input
and rulers may make poor choices
Rulers are called: King, Queen, Tsar,
Czar, Emperor, Tyrant, Dictator
Rulers may be called: Aristocrats,
Representatives are called: Senators,
Representatives, Presidents, Prime
Can be found in: Saudi Arabia, the UK,
Can be found in: China, Russia
Can be found in: the USA, India,
Anarchy: no government; very dangerous
• Use the resources above and any additional
resources needed to fully answer the essay.
• Semester 1 Written Portion Exam Pre AP
– Describe an unlimited and limited government in
detail. Include how the type of government affects
religion, economics, jobs, and housing.
• Semester 1 Written Portion Exam Standard
– Choose either an unlimited or a limited government
and describe it and include how the type of
government affects religion, economics, jobs, and