1. Definition
2. The Process
3. Real world
Product Design and Development
Karl T. Ulrich
Steven D. Eppinger
Industrial Design
"What is Industrial Design?"
Presentation: Kendall Lui
What is Industrial Design?
• Aka. Product Design
Is a set of activities beginning with the perception of a market
opportunity and ending in production, sale, and delivery.
• What kinds of things use industrial design?
o Pretty much everything you own.
 ipod, computer, phone, car, vending machine, toilet,
• Think
What factors should an Industrial designer think about
designing a product?
Factors in Developing a Product
• Quality of product:
o Selection of material
o Will it withstand repeated use?
• Product cost:
o How much does it cost to manufacture?
 Tooling
 Labor
 Materials
o Will they buy it?
• Development:
o How long will it take to develop?
o Can we make future products based on this product?
A product Development Team
• Marketing:
o Customers needs
o Communication of product to the world
• Design:
o Incharge of the physical aspects of a product
 mechanical, electrical, software etc.
o Makes sure the product solves the problem/needs of the
• Manufacturing:
o Designs the production process
o How pieces fit together
o Can it be made with the current technology?
Challenges of a Development Team
Trade-offs: Airplane lighter but expensive
Dynamics: technologies constantly changing competitors
Details: Screws or glue?
Time-pressure: Under a timeline, quick decisions
Economics: Affordable to target group, Investment in the product
Creation: Begins with an IDEA and ends with a physical object
Satisfaction of societal and Individual needs: Satisfying a need
Team Diversity: Different talents, strengths and weaknesses
Team Spirit: Highly motivated, cooperative
Research Briefly one product... Anything
1. Find the need this product fills
2. Find the time it took in developing
3. Is the product still used today? If so will it ever be replaced? Can
you improve it?
3D modeling:
1. Orient yourself with Tinkercad.
2. Be able to write your name in 3D
3. For Tinkercad try doing the quests
Promote the Indiegogo website: Send it to family, post it on twitter,
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Agenda-9 week Timeline
1. The Development process---->> An idea into a product
2. Concept Development--------->> Refining an idea
3. Concept testing----------------->> What works and what doesn't
4. 3D Modeling 101-------------->> Tinkercad and 3D Tin
5. Product design----------------->> Turning an idea into a visual
6. 3D Modeling 102------------->> Google Sketchup Building houses
7. RepRap Project--------------->> 3D printing how it works in depth
8. Open Source-------------------->> Thingiverse
9. Design Challenge-------------->> Let's get down to business