1. Faith is knowing the sun will rise, lighting each new day.
Faith is knowing the Lord will hear my prayers each time I
Faith is like a little seed:
If planted, it will grow.
Faith is a swelling within my heart.
When I do right, I know.
2. Faith is knowing I lived with God before my mortal birth.
Faith is knowing I can return when my life ends on earth.
Faith is trust in God above;
In Christ, who showed the way.
Faith is strengthened; I feel it grow
Whenever I obey.
Words: Beatrice Goff Jackson, b. 1943. © 1978 IRI Music: Michael Finlinson Moody, b. 1941. © 1978 IRI
Enr. Act. 4
Have you ever been
very sick?
• What did your
family do to help
you feel better?
• Did you have a priesthood
• Did that help you feel better?
You show your
faith in Jesus Christ
through prayer
and by asking for
blessings when
you are sick or
have problems.
“Lesson 16: Jesus Christ Performed Miracles,” Primary 7: New Testament, 54
The stories in this lesson
are about people Jesus
healed because they had
great faith in Him.
One day Jesus was
teaching a group of
people in a house.
• Some men carried
their friend on a bed
to see Jesus.
• The friend could not
walk. The men could
not get him into the
house because of all
the people.
The men took
their friend up
onto the roof.
• They removed part of the roof
and lowered their friend into the
• When He saw the great faith of
these men, Jesus told the sick
man that his sins were forgiven.
Some of the scribes thought what
Jesus had said was wrong.
• The scribes thought only God
could forgive sins.
• Jesus told them He
could forgive sins
because He was
the Son of God.
He told the man to pick up his bed
and go home.
• The man
stood up. He
was healed.
• He picked up his bed and walked
home. He was very thankful to God.
• Everyone in the house was amazed
and glorified God.
What did Jesus first say to the
man with palsy (uncontrollable
shaking of the muscles)?
What was the
scribes’ reaction
to Jesus’ remark?
What is blasphemy?
‾ Showing a lack of respect for God
or falsely claiming to be God.
Did Jesus blaspheme?
• Jesus can forgive sins because He is
the Son of God, but the scribes did not
believe that Jesus is the Son of God.
• What did Jesus say to the scribes?
What did He say to the
man with palsy?
What was the people’s
reaction when the man with
palsy was healed?
Why do you think this man
was healed?
One day Jairus, a ruler
of a synagogue, fell at
the Savior’s feet.
Jairus said that his
12 year-old daughter
was very ill.
He begged Jesus to come and bless her.
He believed that Jesus could heal her.
Jesus started to
follow Jairus
home, but He
stopped to heal
a woman.
• As He was talking to her, someone
came to tell Jairus that it was too
late—his daughter was dead.
Jesus heard what was
said. He told Jairus not
to be afraid but to
believe in Him.
• Then Jesus went with Jairus to Jairus’s
• The house was filled
with people who were
crying because of the
little girl’s death.
Jesus told them the girl was not dead
but was sleeping.
The people
laughed at Him.
They were sure the
girl was dead.
The Savior had everyone leave the
house except His disciples, Jairus,
and Jairus’s wife.
They went to the
room where the
little girl was lying.
Jesus took the girl
by the hand. He
told her to get up.
• She stood up and walked. Her parents
were amazed. Jesus told them not to
tell anyone what had happened.
Who was Jairus?
How do we know that he had
faith in Jesus?
How did Jesus help Jairus keep
his faith strong?
When Jesus and Jairus came to
Jairus’s house, what were some
people doing?
It was the custom at that time for
mourners to make a lot of noise
when a loved one died.
What was the difference between
what the mourners were doing and
what Jairus had done?
Why do you
think Jesus
sent away the
before He
healed the
A woman had been
very sick for 12
years. She had been
to many doctors,
but they could not
help her.
• She had spent all that she had, but
only got worse.
• One day she saw Jesus surrounded
by many people.
She believed that she would be healed
just by touching His clothing.
• She walked through
the crowd, touched
His clothing and was
healed immediately.
• Jesus turned
around and asked,
“Who touched my
The woman
was afraid.
She knelt in front of the Savior and
said that she had touched Him.
• Jesus told her that her faith in Him
had made her well.
How did the woman who touched
the hem of Jesus’ garment show
that she had faith in Jesus?
How did Jesus know that the woman
had touched His clothes?
Why would it have
been unusual for Him
to notice someone
had touched Him?
Why do you think Jesus performed
To prove that He was the divine Son of God
To strengthen the faith of those who
believed in Him
Because He loved and had compassion for
those in need
Because of the faith of those who believed
Why was the woman healed?
There was nothing magical about
Jesus’ hem.
• The woman was healed because
of her faith in Jesus and because
it was Heavenly Father’s will.
What are some miracles that
happen in our lives because of
simple or small acts?
• What are some of the miracles we
have in our lives today?
• If we have faith in Jesus Christ and
live righteously, we will experience
miracles according to God’s will.
Sometimes a person is not healed of a
sickness or handicap when prayers are
• Does that mean we don’t have faith?
• Why?
• Why might it not be God’s will that a
person be healed?
– God may want to test the faith of the
person’s family, He may want the
person to develop patience, and so on.
President Spencer W.
Kimball said:
“The Lord does not always
heal the sick, nor save
those in hazardous zones.
He does not always relieve suffering
and distress, for even these
seemingly undesirable conditions
may be part of a purposeful plan”
or Destiny, p. 5).
What does it mean to have faith in Jesus
–To believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of
God and the Savior of the world
–To believe that Jesus has all power
–To trust that Heavenly Father and Jesus
will do what is best for us
–An acceptance of God’s will
–A desire to obey God’s commandments
How can you
greater faith in
Jesus Christ?
The Fourth Article of Faith:
We believe that the first principles
and ordinances of the Gospel are:
first, Faith in the Lord Jesus
Christ; second, Repentance; third,
Baptism by immersion for the
remission of sins; fourth, Laying
on of hands for the gift of the
Holy Ghost.
Why do you think “faith in the Lord
Jesus Christ” is the first principle of
the gospel?
Enr. Act. 1
Enr. Act. 2
How do we know that Jesus Christ lives
 Scriptures written by prophets tell us
about Jesus.
 Others have testified of Him.
 We can feel His love.
 Joseph Smith saw Him and was
directed to restore His church.
 If we are prayerful, the Holy Ghost will
witness to us that Jesus lives.
Enr. Act. 3
A mustard seed is very
small, but it grows into
a large bushlike tree.
• If our faith is as strong
as the seed’s ability to
grow into a tree, we
can accomplish great
Enr. Act. 5
I testify that if
we have faith
in Jesus Christ,
we can
miracles as
the people of
Christ’s time
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