Military and Civilian
Cost of the Korean
Remembering the Forgotten War
Video Activity
 From the video, what were some of the challenges
faced by the American soldiers?
 Why do you think the Korean War is often referred to
as the Forgotten War?
Challenges Faced By
 Harsh weather conditions – treacherous cold
and blinding snow-storms.
 Chinese soldiers had advantage as they were
more familiar with fighting in jagged
mountains and forested ravines.
Casualties in the Korean
This young woman
was killed moments
before, doubtless by
stray or inadvertant
fire from advancing
UN forces, as she
struggled through
soaking brush,
desperately seeking
safety for her small
Hair still neatly
parted, she lies where
she fell backwards into
an irrigation ditch.
Her arms, no longer
able to hold and
protect, thrown wide in
It is inescapable that the
terrible fate of the South
Korean capital and many
villages is the outcome
of a new technique of
machine warfare. The
slightest resistance
bought down a deluge of
destruction, blotting out
the area. Few people
can have suffered so
terrible a liberation.
Task: Remembering the
Forgotten War
 Task: Create a Glog [Interactive poster] to remember
the soldiers and civilians of the Korean War.
[20 MINS]
 Things to include:
Write up on the war
Can include, diary entries, account of veterans, civilian
accounts of the war
Task: Remembering the
Forgotten War
 In your groups, each member is to assume one of the roles:
Editor: In charge of putting together everything, the design
of the glog, Vetting the content [Use the editor account to
create the glog]
Journalist: In charge of the text.
Photographer: In charge of the photos
Videojournalist: In charge of finding Videos
PUBLISH glog and post link under comment of today’s post 
Grp Member Name _ [link]
Some Sites
 Military Group 1 evaluate Civilian Group 1 and vice
 Military Group 2 evaluate Civilian Group 2 and vice
 Use the rubrics to evaluate and leave a comment under
the Glog
Marks [Excellent, Good, Average…]
Remarks on the Glog

Military and Civilian Cost of the Korean War