Protector of Citizens: Annual Report
Gender equality
Protector of citizens
Prof. Zorica Mrsevic, PhD
Activities of the Protector of Citizens
Systematic monitoring of situation of gender
Dealing with the petitions
Rights of sexual minorities
Systematic monitoring of situation of
gender equality
Violations of rights and policy documents
 Mobbing, discrimination, labor relations, family violence
 National strategy for improvement of position of women and
advancement of gender equality
 Law on sexual equality
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Protector of Citizens has noticed 1
 Increasing number of unemployed women in 2009
 Abortion as the main contraception
 Third type of discrimination: structural type
 Effects of crisis differently affect women and men
 Combating domestic violence is also a way of combating publicly committed
 Marriages in Serbia
Causes of divorces are different for men and for women
 Citizens Protector dealing with petitions from domain of gender equality
 Administration against whom the procedures were conducted
Page  5
Protector of Citizens has noticed 2
 Petitions issues
 Lacks in functioning of administrations regarding gender equality
 Protector of Citizens statements
 Discrimination of women in documents of Republic statistic institute
– corrected
 Protector of Citizens’ dealing with petitions from domain of gender
Page  6
 UNIFEM – with Vojvodina’s Ombudsman
– anti discrimination provisions, capacity building of local ombudsmen,
promotion material
– Gender sensitive language in public discourse
– Capacity building of the Citizens Protector’s experts
– Networking of institutions and organizations dealing with gender equality
Page  8
Rights of sexual minorities
2009. Violated rights of sexual minorities
 Security of LGBT activism: attacks to persons and offices
 Right to public assembly
 Media statements of Citizens Protector
 Hate speech in public and media domains
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After par months city and communal services
painted some of the graphite
Adequate institutional reaction such as
sanctioning the perpetrators and public
condemnation of such behavior lacked
Some of the graphite are still visible in
the down town areas