Ways to convince others to
believe something, do
something, or buy something
There are seven forms
Name Calling
Glad Names
Emotionally Loaded Words
Faulty Cause and Effect
Name Calling
You give a bad name to someone or
something in order to convince
people to avoid a different product or
EXAMPLE: My hair is so much shinier
and healthier than Ms. McCarthy’s
because I use Tresemme shampoo.
Glad Names
• State positive things about the
listeners or readers to convince
them to agree with what they see or
• EXAMPLE: You all are such
intelligent and bright students. You
will definitely make the right
decision to switch to Tresemme
shampoo. It’s the only choice.
• Use the sponsorship or support
of a well-known personality.
• EXAMPLE: Both Lindsay Lohan
and Ashton Kutcher use
Tresemme shampoo. Aren’t
their do’s stylish? Yours could
be too!
• Attempts to transfer a product,
person, or idea the good qualities
belonging to something else or
someone else
• EXAMPLE: All of the most beautiful
people use Tresemme shampoo.
Just think, you could be beautiful
Emotionally Loaded Words
• Uses words, particularly adjectives,
that appeal to listeners’ or readers’
feeling or emotions
• EXAMPLE: Using Tresemme
shampoo on a daily basis will make
your hair shine and glow like it has
never done before.
Faulty Cause and Effect
• Attempts to convince people
that if they do something, such
as buy a certain product,
something good will happen
• EXAMPLE: If you use Tresemme
shampoo, you’ll get all the dates
you’ve ever wanted!
• Urges others to do something
because everyone else is doing
• EXAMPLE: All the cool kids use
Tresemme shampoo.
• You see propaganda on a daily basis!
When you watch TV, every commercial is
some form of propaganda. When you read
a magazine, the ads are some form of
propaganda. It’s everywhere!
• Your job today is to choose a product and
develop slogans advertising that product.
You must create a separate slogan for
each of the 6 propaganda devices.