Michael Dailey- Associate Director
Deena Jones—Gifted and Talented
Julie Gann—Gifted and Talented
Resource Specialist
Gifted Office -381-4741
Mission of the Accelerated
The mission of the Cluster Classes is to
provide gifted students with
differentiated instruction which
challenges and meets each student’s
unique social, emotional and
intellectual needs in order to achieve
their fullest potential.
Accelerated Cluster
and Enriched Content
•Differentiated content, process and
•Opportunities for explorations, research and
constructing higher level connections
•High level of critical and creative thinking
•Students find connections with like-minded
Online Application
Application window is from
August 15th-October 7th.
 Go to www.fcps.net
 Click on Education Options tab
 Click Gifted and Talented and go to the
Elementary Cluster Page.
 Scroll down and click on Online Application.
 Parents may list three choices on their
application. Paper applications are available
in room 105 at the IAKSS on main street.
Qualifying Tests
General Intellectual/Reading/Math
 2nd graders who are interested in accelerated
cluster MUST apply online
 Qualifications include: Ability test of 96%ile or
above (Otis-Lennon)
 3rd graders are all given Otis-Lennon in all
Fayette County Schools.
 2nd graders in Primary Talent Pool and who have
applied will be given Otis-Lennon.
 Achievement scores of 96% in reading and
math. One score must be a 96%ile or above
and a second score must be from 89% and
(We review the last three windows of MAP)
Reading and Lang. Arts
The reading and language arts curriculum is
a critical thinking based program built
around Junior Great Books and novel
studies. Students will be involved in inquiry
discussions and studies involving
comprehension, vocabulary, story and
figurative language elements.
Science and Social Studies
 The
Cluster Classes cover the common
core curriculum required since the K-Prep
test covers specific grade level content.
Students will be able to experience a
variety of enrichment options within this
content (i.e. Science lab, independent
projects, field trips and investigations).
The Cluster Classes teach a variety of grade
level skills using acceleration techniques, as
well as, above grade level skills with an
emphasis on problem solving.
Depending on the grade level, students may
be using a variety of curriculum including
Math in Focus and other research based
math content or textbooks (i.e. texts from
other publishers, Prufrock Press, Scholastic, The
Critical Thinking company, math contests and
What Happens Next?
The Accelerated Cluster program is a
continuation program. Students who make
satisfactory progress in elementary school, receive
an invitation for placement in our two middle
school clusters, located at Winburn Middle and
Tates Creek Middle.
Students from the middle school cluster program
will receive priority, but will still need to apply for
placement in the Liberal Arts Academy at Henry
Clay High School.
Students may also apply for other programs as well
including: Math, Science and Technology
program at Dunbar/Pre-Engineering Program at
Lafayette, International Baccalaureate at Tates
Creek, and the Academy of Information
Technology at Bryan Station.
Thank you for your interest
in the
Elementary Accelerated
Cluster Program!

Elementary Gifted and Talented Options