The Hunger Games
By: Dasia
Computers - 7
About the movie/book!
• Sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen volunteers in
her younger sister's place to enter the games,
and is forced to rely upon her sharp instincts as
well as the mentorship of drunken former victor
Haymitch Abernathy when she's pitted against
highly-trained Tributes who have prepared for
these Games their entire lives. If she's ever to
return home to District 12, Katniss must make
impossible choices in the arena that weigh
survival against humanity and life against love.
Josh Hutcherson
• Josh plays Peeta in the
movie the hunger games.
Peeta is the bakers son
who fell in love with
Katniss the first time he
laid eyes on her and now
there in the hunger games
• What movies does josh
play in:
RV, Journey to the Center of
the Earth, Little
Mannhattan, Firehouse
dog, House Blend, Kicking
and Screaming, Zathura,
Bridge to Terabithia, and
of course The Hunger
Jennifer Lawrence
• Jennifer plays Katniss in the
hunger games. Katniss is a
hunter her favorite thing to hunt
with is a bow-an-arrow. She has
trouble with picking Gail or
• Movies she plays in:
Winter bones as ree, like crazy as
Sam, the beaver as Norah, Xmen first class play as
raven\mystique, the devil you
know as young zoey, house at
the end of the street(Elisa), and
the hunger games as Katniss.
Liam Hensworth
• Liam plays Gail in the
hunger games and Gail is
katniss’s bestest friend or
more. Gail hunts with
Katniss and they support
there families together.
• Liam plays in: the
triangle, the last song,
awol, the elephant
princess, and of course the
hunger games.
In the movie/book you are from a
district and these are the Districts
In my opinion I think Rue’s death
was the most saddest.
• She died when Marvel (from district 1)
through a spear though her Stomach.
See slide after this it talks
about her.
Some people in the movie/book
• Cinna — Katniss's stylist. A sly and witty man, Cinna is clever with his
fingers and even smarter in his mind. His incredible designs for
Katniss help her popularity with the audience. He is the most "normal"
person Katniss meets from the Capitol.
• Rue— The tribute from District 11. Small and meek, it was not
assumed that she would last long in the 74th Hunger Games, but her
knowledge of trees, plants, and hiding keeps her alive. She can leap
from tree to tree almost as if she had wings. She warns Katniss about
the tracker jackers hive, and they later become allies. She is later
murdered by the boy tribute from District 1, Marvel. Rue had dark
eyes and dark skin, and is of African descent.
• Cato— District 2 male tribute. Having prepared for the Games his
whole life, he was described as a "ruthless killing machine". He was
extremely strong and the most likely choice of a winner. Cato killed
the District 6 male along with many other unnamed tributes. He,
Katniss, and Peeta were the last three tributes to face the wolves
• Clove — The female tribute from District 2. She was very
skilled in knife throwing, as she was the one who killed the
male tribute from District 9(the first person to die during the
74th Games). She attempted to kill Katniss with one of her
knives, but Katniss used her new backpack as a shield. Clove
was the fifth person at the end to die, where she went to the
"feast" having Cato guarding her. She was killed during the
feast by Thresh after she tried to kill Katniss. She was the
only person during the 74th Games that got close to killing
• Foxface — Described as having fox-like features and known
by no other name, this red-head from District 5 is hard to
catch. Though she doesn't have brute strength or knowledge
of weapons, she could outsmart everyone in the arena. She
made it to the final 4, then died by eating nightlock left out
by Peeta.
• Thresh — Male tribute from District 11. With the same
brown skin and golden brown eyes as Rue, he was extremely
resourceful and immensely powerful. His most notable act
was that of sparing Katniss due to her alliance with Rue. He
died shortly thereafter.
• Glimmer— The female tribute from District 1who was
described as beautiful it some people, and tall, with blonde
hair and emerald green eyes. She was part of the Career
pack and was killed alongside the girl from District 4 when
a hive of angry tracker jackers was dropped on the camp
by Katniss.
• Marvel— The male tribute from District 1, who was
strong and ruthless. He killed Rue, the District 11 female
tribute in the 74th Hunger Games, by throwing a spear
through her stomach. He was then killed by Katniss, shot
in the throat by an arrow and drowned in his own blood.
He was Katniss's first kill.
• Effie Trinket- The District 12 escort, who is a happy and
bubbly person. She drew Primrose's (Katniss's sister) name
during the reaping causing Katniss to volunteer herself as
tribute. She wears many different colored wigs and helps
Katniss and Peeta get sponsors in the Games. She
constantly bickers and argues with Haymitch. Very proper.
• Haymitch Abernathy — Haymitch is Katniss's and Peeta's mentor. He
is drunk at almost any given time, with a glass in one hand and a knife
in the other. He drinks to forget the memories of the 50th Hunger
Games, which he was crowned victor of. He won during the second
Quarter Quell, when double the tributes were required to participate in
this deadly game. He promised he would sober up long enough for
Katniss and Peeta to play the Games and help them. He sends Katniss
gifts throughout the games to help her survive, and sometimes Katniss
believes that his gifts always seem to have good timing and there might
be some kind of connection between them.
• Gale Hawthorne— The best friend of Katniss. She and Gale met when
she was only twelve and he was fourteen. Both of their fathers died in
the same mining explosion. Gale hunts with Katniss in the forest
usually everyday, but in Catching Fire he only hunts with her on
Sundays (before the 24-hour electric fence arrives) because he started
work in the mines. Gale calls Katniss "Catnip," a nickname that was
created after the pair first met. Katniss barely whispered when he asked
her what her name is in the woods, and Gale thought she said Catnip.
Even though Katniss told him her real name later, he still calls her that.
• Primrose Everdeen — The younger sister and only sibling of Katniss
Everdeen. She was originally chosen as the female tribute for the
Games, but Katniss volunteered to take her place. She owns a goat
named Lady, and a cat named Buttercup. Unlike her older sibling, Prim
has a heart full of compassion and for healing. She was named after the
Evening Primrose, as mentioned in Mockingjay.
This is the end of the slide all
about the hunger games
• May the odds be EVER in your favor!…..

The hunger Games