The Declaration of
Free at last, Free at last
The Rules for the
• Everyone participates
• (participate by thinking, speaking, and
• Be polite
• Use names
• Raise hands
• No interruptions
• Stick to question and the text
Step 1
Chairs in a circle
Step #2
• Have the students read text
silently first marking words they
have questions about, ideas
they like, main ideas, etc.
Read the selection out loud
The Opening
• Question #1: What is the
purpose of the Declaration of
• Question#2: Why was Jefferson
given credit for writing it?
The Core
• Question #1: Does
the US practice
what Jefferson
wrote in paragraph
2? Yes? No? Cite
• Question #2: What
is meant by “we
hold these truths
to be self-evident?”
Step 6
The Core cont.
• Question #3: What did
Jefferson say that gave
people the right to
alter or abolish a form
of government? Do you
agree or disagree with
his sentiment?
• Question #4: Who is
“he” that Jefferson is
referring to in the
Step 7
The Closing
Question # 1: How are the
rights listed in the document
apply to you today?
Step #8
The Finale
• Write your own Declaration Of
Independence document to your
parents, teacher,
girlfriend/boyfriend and tell
reasons why you want you
desire your independence from
• Must be a 3 bodied paper
• Intro, main body, conclusion

The Declaration of Independence