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Valuing Net Generation- Investing in ending poverty and jobs everywhere
Hello this presentation needs urgent customising to
include the greatest youth jobs meeting you ever intend to connect
And to map what is your platform to worlds top decision-makers
so they seriously want to sponsor the action consequences of
Youth Intervention or Women Empowerment
If that’s something that interests you
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Illustrative Resources
@worldbank jim kim plan for valuing net generation and ending poverty
2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc, 40 KB
@south africa’s missing curriculum freeing every child to be job creating
summary of maharishi uni.doc, 556 K
@ -videos
@ The Economist's epicentre of Entrepreneurial Revolution, 1984
World Bank JIM
KIM Curriculum:
MAP Bottom-Up
Value Chain
Media Revolution:
NetGen Livelihoods
Economics purpose:
Celebrate Investing
In Human Race’s
Most Collaborative
Goals of Borderless
Next Capitalism:
Curriculum of NetGen
Entrepreneurial Revolution
Startup Norman Macrae,
The Economist, 1972
?Dream Worldwide of Youth and Yunus

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