Warm-up Activity
If I could save time in a bottle the first
thing that I'd like to do is to save
everyday until eternity passes away just
to spend them with you if I could make
days last forever if words could make
wishes come true I'd save everyday like
a treasure and then again I would
spend them with you.
My forever valentine
Discuss two pre-reading questions with your classmates
and share your opinions with them:
1. There’s a growing tendency for more and more young
people in China nowadays to observe western holidays and
festivals , such as Valentine’s Day . Do you observe it ?
What do you know about it?
2. It is said that we Chinese people also have a day equivalent
to the western Valentine’s Day.Describe it if you happen to
know it.If not,try to find some information about it.
Words and Expressions
valentine n.
A greeting card sent to arrive on
Valentine’s Day,declaring one’s love for
sb,but usually without giving the name of
the sender;as sweetheart chosen on this
Eg.On Valentine’s Day,my daughter received
quite a number of valentines.
Fondly adv.
In a loving way;in a foolishly hopeful
Eg She greeted her old friend fondly.
She fondly imagined that she could pass
examination without working
Recollection n.
Memory;the power or action of remembering the
past;sth in one’s memory of the past
Eg. I have no recollection of meeting him.
Her recollection of the events is rather patchy.
Cute adj.
Attractive in an amusing or interesting
Eg.What a cute little baby!
Have it place taken by;allow oneself
to show,esp.a feeling
Eg.He gave way to tears.
Steam trains gave way to electric
suprass v.
Exceed;go beyond in amout,degree,orquality
Eg.China wants to catch up with and surpass
the developed countries in the world
take (sth or sb)for granted
Accept a fact or situation without questioning its
rightness;treat (sth or sb)with too little attention
Eg I took it for granted that you’d want to come
with us,so I bought you a ticket.
Hug v.
An act of holding sb. Tightly in one’s arms,esp.as a sign of
Eg He gave his girlfriend a hug before he got on the train.
Replace v.
Take the place of;change one person or thing for
another,often better,newer,ect.
Eg.George has replaed Edward as captain of the team.
You’ll hace to replace those tyres;they are adly worn.
Structural Analysis of the Text
This is a narrative written in the first person.It consists of
twelve paragraphs,whihch may be divided into three
parts.The first two paragraphs may be thought of as the
first part;Paragraphs 3-10constitute the second part;and
the last two paragraphs may be viewed as the third part of
the text.The writer relates her personal experiences –her
memories of her father—mainly in chronological order.It is
to be noted that the first part and the last part are closely
connected with each other because the theme,which is
stated in the first part,is repeated in the concluding part.
Revision and Prevision
Have a brief revision of the new words and
expressions of this unit and preview the text,
try to grasp the main idea of the text.
The Structure of the Text
The text can be divided into three parts:
Part I (paragraphs1,2)
Part II (paragraphs 3-10)
Part III (paragraphs 11-12)
The Main Idea of Each Part
Part I (paragraph1-2)
In this part, the author relates her personal
Part II, (paragraphs 3-10)
In this part, the author recalls her memories of her
Part III (paragraphs 11-12)
Part three is the concluding part which mainly in
chronological order.
The author’s purpose
of writing is to explain
why Dad is the
author’s forever
Idea of
My first recollection of the magic he could
bring to Valentine’s Day came when I was
That box and its contents ushered in a
succession of bittersweet memories.
That box and its contents led to a series of
memory which were a mixture of the sweet ones
and the bitter ones.
Translate the following sentences into
But valentine’s Day was the time my father
chose to show his love for the special people
in his life.
translate following sentences into English
using the words and phrases given in brackets
He gained execllent achievements which surpassed
the goal he set for himself.
Thank you