Antex Pharma
About US
Antex Pharma is a pharmaceutical company with a
difference, setting a new standard in generics by
understanding of the customers needs.
We are redesigning generics and creating the
pharmaceutical company with a difference.
Antex Pharma is committed to building a nextgeneration generics company through the strategic
selection of products, partners and markets.
Our rich product portfolio consists of a broad range
of leading molecules for the treatment of various
therapeutic segments.
Antex Pharma is having Pan India operations & is a
fast growing company in the Indian Generic Pharma
Market. Our division Russian Remedies is also a well
known name in Indian Pharma Industry.
Our Rich Heritage
pharmaceuticals experience & expertise.
Antex Pharma is a company where individual
brilliances, unparalleled creations and unmatched
innovations fuse to generate extraordinary results
that are important to achieve quality benchmarks.
Management of Antex Pharma decided to set on a
Pharmaceuticals Market & this lead to the
formation of Antex Pharma in year 2008. Since then
Antex pharma is touching new heights & growing at
a very fast pace.
Our time tested strategies, networking and
marketing alliances with the top-notch companies
help us provide end-to-end services to our
Our rich experience of Pharmaceuticals Industry
gives us a leverage over other local competitors.
Our Value, Vision & Mission
Antex Pharma feels in a very strong sense of social
responsibility inscribed in its' values and its'
concern for the society beyond its' business
Our Values : Alleviation of the sufferings of
mankind, availability of the medicines to all at
affordable price without any discrimination &
continued efforts to improve the quality of the
medicines is our core value.
Our Vision : Our Vision is to become the most
preferred & reliable pharmaceuticals company,
which is known for its Quality, Cost Effectivity,
Dependability & Prompt Services. We are also
committed to develop and preserve high
competencies among our personnel and provide
best quality of services to our clients.
Our Mission : Our Mission is to help in the
eradication of diseases & to take the latest
technology & innovations in the field of medicines
upto the mass.
Company Philosophy
Innovation : To harness activities that develop
new and improved products, services and business
processes. It involves a creative approach to utilize
& to bring a steady pipeline of profitable new
innovations to the marketplace, quickly and
Passion : We have a passion for what we do – and
we believe you see this in our products, our service
and our team.
Spirit : The trust that we earn from people in the
community makes us proud of our efforts. Our pride
in our companies encourages us to do ever better in
exceeding people's highest expectations. We earn
people's trust by providing products and services
that make life safer, more fun and fulfilling.
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Antex Pharma
488, Bawana, Shahbad, Dulatpuri, Delhi-42.
Tel No. 27858520/21.
Mr. Vishwadeep 9999661773
Mr.S.Suresh 7838224405
Email id : [email protected]
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