Multimedia MCI Control
• MCI control enables a program to interact
with any multimedia device connected to
the computer that supports Media Control
Interface (MCI)- which is a standard for
controlling multimedia devices
• Example of this devices:
MIDI sequences, CD-Rom devices, audio
players, video disk players…..
• MCI control is an ActiveX component you
should add it to your project before using it
• The control provides a series of buttons
that corresponds to typical buttons on a
multimedia device such as a CD player or
MCI control property and events
• Command
• DeviceType
• Shareable
A string that specifies the command
To execute
Close, Play, Pause, Stop, Back
Prev, Next, Seek, Record, Eject
a string that specifies the type of the
Determines if the device can between
Applications (true/false)
• Track
• TrackLenght
Specifies the current track
• Tracks
• UpdateInterval
Specifies the total number of tracks
• Wait
• buttonEnabled
• buttonVisible
Determines the length of the current
Track Specified by the Track property
Specifies the number of milliseconds
Between calls to the statusUpdate
Event procedure
Determines if the next MCI command
Should complete before returning
Control to the application (true/false)
Determine if a button on the control is
Enabled or disabled (True/False)
Determine if a button on the control is
Visibel or invisible (True/False)
• StatusUpdate
• buttonClick
• buttonCompleted
• buttonGotFocus
• buttonLostfocus
• Done
Called at fixed intervals specified by
The UpdataInterval to allow an
Application to update the display
And inform the user about the current
Status of the MCI control
Called when a button on the MCI is
Called when a command is complete
Called when a button becomes the
Active button
Called when a previously active
Button becomes inactive
Called when the current command