CGA 103
Fall 2014
Login to the Computers
 User
Name is:
First letters of your first name
First six or seven letters of your last name
 Same
Login User Name and Password
as the RCGC Portal
 Password: ???
Course/Program Web Site
Web Browser – Firefox
Start Menu:
Intro to the Course
 Syllabus
 Course
Goals and Objectives
 Grading
 Course textbooks and materials
 Projects
 Portfolio
 Course Web Site
 How to Get a GREAT grade !
 Keep
in your Class Notebook
 This is the reference for the entire class.
 Reference for Class Grading
 This is the basic contract for the course
Course Grading
 Class
 Lab Work
 Projects
 Quizzes/Exams
Required !
Course textbooks and
 Required
 Note book
 Folder
 USB Flash/Key Drive***
 Must have by next week !!!
 Course
Are designed to demonstrate your
understanding of the concepts and
build your knowledge and application
of the design concepts covered in this
Portfolio - CGA Majors
 It
is required that all CGA student create
and maintain a portfolio of work
developed in each class including your
art and CGA classes
 Please get a separate folder and USB
Flash drive or Hard Drive to save these
items into during this class and other
classes !
CGA Course Intro
CGA @ RCGC Web Site
Course Web Site
 The
course web site provides you all the
information regarding:
What we are doing in class
Lab Assignments
Due Dates
How to contact the Professor !
CGA Course Intro
Check the Course web site:
 Not
sure of a date
 Not sure of a lab
 Not sure of a project
 Not sure of a quiz
 Need to contact the Professor
 Before asking the Professor…
Check the Course web site!
CGA Course Intro
Check the Web Site!
How to Get a GREAT grade !
 Come
to Class Every week prepared
to work and learn
 Read textbook – Chapters each week
 Complete homework, labs and
projects On Time
 Spend at least two hours working on this
course outside of class
CGA Course Intro
Any Questions????
There are not stupid questions…only stupid people
who don’t ask questions !!!
CGA Course Intro
Saving Your Work
USB Flash Drive
2) Home Drive on the Network
3) Email it to yourself
CGA Course Intro
Saving Your Work
 Losing
your files is not an excuse for
not submitting your labs or projects
 Losing your flash drive is not an
 My dog ate my flash drive is not an
 SAVE your work often !
CGA Course Intro
Save your Work
 Save
your work to your
USB Flash Drive
 AND save it to your Home Drive (H)
 Save your work from your USB drive
to your Home computer
 Be scared of loosing your work !!!
 Back Up your Work
GCC E-Learning
File Submit
CGA Course Intro
To submit your Labs and Projects
 This
course used the RCGC
E-Learning System to submit your
files for grading
 Assignment have due date, once
the due date has past, you will
loose one letter grade!
 Once the drop box closes, you
have to ask the Professor permission
to submit an assignment.
CGA Course Intro
Naming your work for
Submitting and Grading!
 Last
Name project ending
 Example:
 Do
NOT name your files:
CGA Course Intro
Sign onto E-Learning
 Sign
into the RCGC Portal
 Click on the E-Learning Icon
 Find the CGA course
Find drop box icon