Welcome to 6th Grade Music!
Review of Classroom Rules
No talking when the teacher is talking
Raise your hand before speaking
Wait to be called on
Don’t touch anybody else’s stuff
Pay attention
Treat others with respect
Bring pencil and paper to class every day
Take good notes
Pet Peeves
Pet peeves often involve specific behaviors.
These behaviors may involve disrespect and
A key aspect of a pet peeve is that it may seem
acceptable to others. For example, a supervisor
may have a pet peeve about others interrupting
when he is speaking, or by messy desks of his
employees. That same behavior observed by
others may not create any annoyance
Pet Peeves
No squeaking the desks
No feet on my chairs
No hackneyed speech
Lets get started!
Open your books to page 4
“Gonna Build a Mountain”
A volunteer to read the top of the page?
Rules for Performance
Stand up straight when you sing
Sit when you do not sing
Hold book high
Sing strongly but don’t shout
Musical Form
Breaking a piece of music into sections, then
labeling each section with a capital letter
There are 3 sections that do not use capital
letters. What are they?
Introduction – At the beginning. Gives the listener an
idea of the tempo, mood, and meter of the piece.
Bridge – In the middle. Its purpose is to connect two other
sections. In vocal music, it may be instrumental only.
Coda – A section placed at the end of a piece of music to
make it sound finished.
Musical Form
A basic musical form is
1. Most popular form used in music
2. So popular, it was given its own name
How do we figure out form?
I like to compare a song to a written report
Report - Song
Paragraph - Section
Sentences - Phrases
Words - Measures
Letters - Notes
What is the form of
“Gonna Build a Mountain”?
Intro A A coda
Musical Styles
List a few different styles of music
Jazz, Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, R&B,
Swing, Heavy Metal, Sea Shanty,
Spiritual, Folk Song
Musical Styles
Rock and Roll
First used in 1951 to describe a new type
of American music.
Taken from the song
"My Baby Rocks Me with a Steady Roll"
This new sound combined the traditions of
“Rhythm & Blues” with “Country &
Western” music.
Rock and Roll
Bill Haley and His Comets
One of the pioneers of Rock & Roll
Rock and Roll
Turn in your book to page 234
“Rock Around The Clock”
What makes this piece easy to sing?
What TV show used this as their original
theme song?
Page 234
Rock and Roll
What makes this piece easy to sing?
What TV show used this as their original
theme song?
“Happy Days”
What is the meter of Rock Around The Clock?
What does the top number tell you?
How many beats are in a measure
What does the bottom number tell you?
What type of note gets one beat
What is the form of
“Rock Around the Clock”?
Intro A A bridge A A bridge A coda
Another R&R Early Hit
Blue Suede Shoes
Written by Carl Lee Perkins in 1955
Rock and Roll
Turn in your book to page 236
“Blue Suede Shoes”
What makes this piece easy to sing?
Page 236
Rock and Roll
Turn in your book to page 236
“Blue Suede Shoes”
What makes this piece easy to sing?
Who is best known for performing
this song?
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley
The “KING” of Rock & Roll. Had to deal with
a lot of public pressure. Elvis died from
cardiac arrhythmia and from the mixing of
incompatible drugs.
Did Elvis Actually Die?
Yes, though it has long been speculated that
he faked his own death to get out of show
Did Elvis Have a Twin?
Yes He DID!
Elvis Exploited After Death
The Nation Enquirer Tabloid bribed Elvis'
cousin Bobby Mann to sneak a camera into
Graceland and take a picture of Elvis’ corpse.
They paid him $18,000. The shocking photo
appeared on the cover of the Enquirer on
September 6, 1977 and led to a record-setting
sale of 6.5 million copies for the issue. It has
since become the most famous cover picture
ever. The return on the investment reaped
National Enquirer over 1000% profit
What is the meter of Blue Suede Shoes?
Cut Time
This takes common time and cuts it in half
What are the numbers for common time?
What are the numbers for cut time?
What is the form of
“Blue Suede Shoes”?
Intro A A A coda

PowerPoint about Form and Elvis