VYKON Tenant Billing Service
May 2011
© VYKON 2011
VYKON Tenant Billing Service (VTBS)
• Designed for Property Managers to monitor and invoice
tenants for usage of HVAC, lighting, other utility
consuming services
• Runs on NiagaraAX Supervisor
• Configurable Rate Structures
• Automatically Generate and e-mail invoices
• Supports multiple currencies, tax and surcharge levels
Key Features and Benefits
Easy to Use
Reduced Training Time
Browser Interface
Access Anytime, Anywhere
No Dedicated Workstation
Automatic Invoicing
Set it up once – you’re done
Data Import
No need to manually
enter existing data
Customized Invoices
Professional Appearance
Uses Niagara Histories
Automatic continuous
data collection
Other VTBS Features
• Data export option for merging to third party invoicing
• Invoices output as PDF files
• Layout tool to aid custom invoice template creation
• Searchable invoice history
• Report function (daily) detailing override periods and cost
Billable Services
• Utilities
– Electricity
– Gas
– Oil
– Steam
– Water
– Hot water from central plant
– Chilled water from central plant
– Air volume
• Other services – even cleaning and gardening if you
VTBS Configuration
• Create and manage:
– Owners: the person/company who owns the building
– Tenants: the Tenant to be Invoiced
– Contracts: defines the structure of an Invoice.
References multiple Meters. Also references a Px
page Template for Invoice generation
– Utilities: the Utility company
– Meters: references a Niagara History
• Each Meter references a Niagara History for min/max
roll over, units and usage
VTBS Set-Up Process
6 steps to configure
Enter owner related data
Enter client/tenant data
Enter utility supplier data
Associate meter points from Niagara system to tenants
Set up appropriate contracts
Set up invoicing schedule (used for automatic billing)
3 steps to manually generate an invoice (if not using the
automatic option)
1. Pick a tenant from the list
2. Enter invoice number and date range
3. Generate invoice
Manual Invoice Generation
• Intuitive user interface
• Save the Invoice as a PDF file
• Send an email and attach Invoice as a PDF file
• Provisioning style user interface makes creating large
numbers of Invoices easy
Review Old Invoices
• All financial Invoice information saved to custom Niagara
• Review previous Invoices using the Invoice History
• Intuitive user interface makes managing large numbers of
Invoices easy
Review Invoices
Automatic Billing Profiles
• Schedule Invoices to be generated on a regular basis
• Automatically send Email with attached Invoice
• Automatically save Invoice as a PDF
• Apply Automatic Billing Profile to Owners and Tenants
• All configured using intuitive wizard based user interface
Automatic Billing Schedule
• References standard Niagara history
• Share Meters between Tenants (i.e. 50% of calculated cost
between two Tenants)
• Create both Flat Rate and Timed Meters
• Flat Rate Meters
– One Utility rate used to calculate invoice
– Simple and effective
• Timed Meters
– Supports multiple rates for in and out of hours
– Configurable rates for standard week
– Supports special days for custom tariffs
– Uses powerful Numeric Schedule user interface
Meter Setup
Customizing Invoices
• Templates for producing Invoices are Px based
• Reuses existing Niagara concepts
• Users can easily customize invoices
• VTBS automatically converts from Px to PDF
• Supports multi-page PDF Invoices
Intuitive User Interface
• Standard commissioning uses a series of simple wizards
and manager views
• Web Applet user interface with customizable logo and
background color
• Two help options
– Standard Niagara Engineer Context sensitive help
– Simple Web help
Online Help
Other Features
• Niagara alarming if Invoice fails to generate (i.e. no Meter
history logs)
• Contracts also have
– Status
– Fire Topics when an Invoice is generated
• Invoice Auditing history
• Customizable web logo
• Intuitive user interface
• Cost-effective
• Automatic
Available Now
Part Number
Vykon Tenant Billing System, include license for 10 tenants.
Must be installed on NiagaraAX Supervisor
Adds 10 tenants to a TBS license.
Adds 25 tenants to a TBS license.
Adds 50 tenants to a TBS license.
Adds 100 tenants to a TBS license.
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