The common purpose of initiatives
National initiatives are directed from the
Government’s Department of Culture, Media and
Sport (DCMS), which works closely with Sport
England, the Youth Sport Trust, the National
Governing Bodies of each sport and local councils.
Initiatives generally aim to increase the popularity
and participation in a particular sport or activity.
They can involve support for players, officials and
coaches, helping to provide facilities, equipment
and/or technical, organizational or financial support.
To increase the
time people spend
To provide more
opportunities for
To increase the number of
participating in schools and
the wider
To encourage
people to
participate in a
wide range of roles,
including umpire,
coach etc.
To provide
opportunities for
to get involved with
purposes of
To raise the profile of sport
in general
and particular sports in
schools and in
the wider community
To provide minority
groups with
opportunities to
To bring people, who
haven’t taken
part in sport for a long
time, back to
To provide people with the
opportunity to experience
and be
involved with high quality
To provide opportunities for
to improve and increase their
skills in
their chosen sport and role
Increasing participation in sport to improve health
The Department of Culture, Media and Sport
(DCMS) wants to increase participation in
sport to improve everyone’s health, with a
focus on priority groups.
• Lower social-economic groups
• Adults with a limiting disability or Illness
• Women and girls
• Black and minority ethnic groups.
• Over 50’s
Sport centres aim to provide and encourage the
community to take part in an active lifestyle.
They can make their facility more accessible by arranging
their sessions and pricing structure
in different ways according to the priority groups they are
Transforming the
places where people
play sport, making
the benefits of
London 2012 visible
in cities, towns and
villages across the
country through:
Iconic facilities Inspired Facilities Protecting Playing
We are inspiring
people to make sport
happen at the local
level, embedding the
Olympic and
Paralympic values in
grassroots sport,
Sport Makers.
Places People Play is a
£150m initiative that is
bringing inspiration and
magic of a home
Olympic Games and
Paralympic Games into
the heart of local
We have created
opportunities and
challenges that give
everyone the chance
to become part of the
mass participation
legacy, through:
Gold Challenge -
Sport England Initiatives
Both these initiatives are supported by Sport England. Initiatives are either to
grow participation, sustain participation or providing participants with the
opportunity to excel.
Investigate both of these initiatives and provide a brief explanation of what
they do, how they do it and whether they arte focusing on growing
participation, sustaining participation or providing opportunities to excel
DCMS uses Exchequer and national lottery funding to
grow, sustain and excel participation in sport in the UK .
How does it achieve its targets?

The common purpose of initiatives