NAIS Annual Conference
February 28 – March 1, 2013
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA
Report from the NAIS President, Patrick F. Bassett
Thursday General Session: Great by Choice
• Jim Collins & the Theme of Organizational
• Built to Last; Good to Great; Great by Choice
• Evidence of Jim Collins’
• What caused the demise
of small local
• Do you miss the small
local bookstore? …
If profit is not the
metric of greatness for
non-profits, what is?
Greatness itself,
and its “indicators”
Defining Greatness
• What’s on your List of 25 Factors Great
Schools Have in Common?
• What’s on your list of 25 Factors Great
Teachers Have in Common
• How about these Topics for a “Think Big/Think
Great” Faculty Meeting and Board Meeting?
Choosing to be Great
Can schools be “great by choice”?
Can teachers be “great by choice”?
Jim Collins will know….
“Greatness” Tweets
Great Schools Factor #1:
Great schools…
Create and perpetuate an intentional culture shaped by the adults,
rooted in universal values of honesty and caring, and relentlessly oriented
toward achievement.
John Chubb
The honor of introducing Jim Collins goes to the president-elect of NAIS, John
Chubb, chosen by the board because of his…
Understanding of school climate and culture
Advocacy that not just the rich, but all children should have choices to attend
schools that work
Capacity for “big thinking” and strategic vision about what makes schools
Life-long commitment to principles equity and justice for all
Scholarly experience in studying all school systems, including ours
Leadership intention of listening to and learning from the members about the
challenges they face and services they need from NAIS.