St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School
Year 6 Meeting
on the Government Assessment Tests in May
Mr Letts and Mr Joss
• To inform parents on how to help their child
with reading, grammar, writing and
• To inform parents about what is expected to
attain a Level 3, 4 and 5
• To answer any questions
• Let you know how well your child is
progressing in relation to national
• Inform secondary schools (setting)
• Inform primary schools about how well it is
teaching aspects of the National Curriculum
• Information is used by the Government
Key Stage 1
( 7yrs)
Key Stage 2
(11 yrs)
Level 6
Beyond Expectations
Level 5
Beyond Expectations
Level 4
At Level Expected
Level 3
Beyond Expectations
Below Expectations
Level 2
At Level Expected
Below Expectations
Level 1
Below Expectations
Below Expectations
• Every Year 6 pupil in the country takes the
same test on the same day
• The papers are sent away to be marked with
results being available before your child
leaves St Ethelbert’s in July
Writing & Handwriting Moderation
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Test
(1 hour)
Reading Test (1 hour)
Tasks require the children to write any of the following:
A range of punctuation used accurately
Paragraphs – which form an organised piece of writing
Connectives – linking ideas and paragraphs relevant to
the piece of writing
Simple and complex sentences
Similes and metaphors
A variety of grammar – including adverbs
A piece of writing that is relevant and appropriate to the
task set
• Individuality – the markers want to see the children’s
own imagination and ideas!
Component 1 – 50 Marks (45 mins):
• Sentence grammar
• Punctuation
• Vocabulary
Component 2 – 20 Marks (15 mins approx):
• Spelling
• Words are tested in the context of a sentence
• As each sentence is read aloud, they fill in the
missing word on their copy of the text
• 60 minutes reading time and also to answer
• ‘Literal’ (In the text)
• ‘Inferential’ (Think & search)
• ‘Evaluative’ (Child’s thoughts)
Literal - In the Text
Inferential – Think and
Evaluative – Child’s
Non-Calculator Paper (40 marks)
Calculator Paper (40 marks)
Mental Maths Test (20 marks)
(100 marks in total)
• Two non-calculator papers (45 mins)
• Mental Maths (Approx 12 mins)
• This is a recorded test
• There are 20 questions
• Children have to answer each question in the
allocated time
• The questions are designed to test mental recall and
• Children can write down workings if they wish
• The children are not allowed any mathematical
equipment including rulers!
Continue good homework routines
Play an active role in lessons
Ask if they are unsure of something
Be aware of their targets
Try their best
Gain a perception of time
• Lots of encouragement and confidence building
• Regular interest in what they have been learning
at school
• Keep up the practice of times tables – little and
• Help them to learn their weekly spellings
• Hearing them read - correct misread words and
help them to make the connection between
punctuation and expression.
• Support homework
Thank you for attending
Please take the time to fill out the questionnaire

Year 6 SATS Information 2014 - St. Ethelbert`s Catholic Primary School