Plant Fertilizer
Luis Santa Cruz
Julia DePasquale
How does plant fertilizer affect the plant?
The project is going well and we think that our
hypothesis might be right because the first group is
dying and the middle group is thriving.
Before we did the actual experiment, we did
some research on:
 The most affective plant fertilizer
The average amount of water given to a plant
each day
The affect of nitrogen on a plant
Independent variable: the amount of fertilizer
Dependent variable: the plant growth
Constant variables: the sun, water, and place
Control group: no fertilizer
If a plant is given too much fertilizer it may
die (faster than the others because too much
If given the right amount, it will thrive.
If there is no fertilizer there will be very little
effect on the plant.
Nine of the same plants
Nine cups of water
One and a half cup (343 mL) of
Safety precautions
Gather materials and safety precaution.
place three of each sample plant under sunlight after adding one
cup (225 ml) of fertilizer to the first set of plants.
The second set gets the same sunlight but half a cup of fertilizer.
The third set gets no fertilizer and the same amount of sunlight as
the other.
Observe for two weeks
Each plant will receive the same amount of water one cup.
Take before and after pictures and check hypothesis.
Week 1
Number of inches
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Our conclusion is that our hypothesis was
right: the plant with the most fertilizer died out
faster, the plant with the least amount thrived,
and the one without fertilizer didn’t really
change at all.
There wasn’t really anything that did not follow
our procedures that we did. We could have
adjusted our procedures for more accurate results
(such as doing the experiment for two weeks
instead of one)
If someone is going to do this experiment,
they should do it for two weeks. We did the
experiment for only one.
 Also, they should not do it the week that
they leave for something.
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